Lines concert venue list - Add your local venues to the wiki

Welcome to the list of concert venues made by the people of Lines.

A lot of people on Lines are DIY live performers. This list is made to be a resourse for people who are looking for venues for their concerts / tours. It will also be useful for people visiting a town to know what venues to check out.

Please add your favorite venues!

This is a wiki post so anyone can edit the list.

Feel free to post a comment as well saying what you added so this wiki doesn’t get buried in the feed.

The format of the list is (click the arrow to unpack):

Name of country

Name of city

  • Name of venue
    • Venue style / size / capacity
    • Sound system
    • Visual system
    • Music style
    • Contact info

Lines concert venue list - Click arrow to unpack



  • Silence
    • Small venue (~40 people), no bar (but they do sell kambucha)
    • Rentals & community events
    • Experimental, improvised, & community music oriented


  • Arraymusic

    • Small venue (60 people), no bar
    • Mix of curated concerts and rentals
    • Tied in with new music & experimental composition scene
    • Baby grand
    • Second floor of converted industrial building (accessible via elevator)
  • Tranzac



  • Sunday Matinee (concert series)
    • Small DIY venue - Villa Kuriosum, 30-35 people
    • Not the most fancy PA but ok
    • No projector, minimal lights
    • Experimental music mostly


  • Hanse 3
    • Small venue, 50 people
    • Not the most fancy, but nice sounding PA, good sound level
    • OK projector setup
    • OK DIY light setup
    • Different genres


  • Aquarium
    • SMALL venue, 20 people
    • Decent PA
    • Ok projector setup
    • No light setup
    • Different genres, mostly niche stuff
    • They have tape production in the back room!


  • Blå

    • Medium sized concert venue, 385 people
    • Good PA
    • Pretty decent projector setup
    • Both commercial and experimental music / Has concert series called vriompeis for more experimental stuff
    • Blå | Info & kontakt
  • Café Mir

    • Small concert venue / bar, 150 people
    • Good PA - Sound engineer + digital mixer or DIY with small analog mixer on stage
    • Pretty decent projector setup
    • Experimental and independent music mostly + rock + random
  • Kafé Hærverk

  • Victoria - Nasjonal Jazzscene



San Francisco

  • Center for New Music
    • DIY/indie arts org, seats probably up to 80
    • 8 channel digital board with surround capabilities
    • projector available
    • contemporary classical, experimental, jazz/creative music
    •; contact curators for booking, or membership for a free rental

Santa Cruz

  • Indexical
    • Capacity unknown
    • Meyer Sound speakers, Soundcraft 16ch board, usual suspects microphones
    • Optoma HD39HDR, 2x BenQ TH671ST projectors, 4x DMX-controlled LED lights
    • “Indexical is dedicated to experimentation in music. Indexical engages the public in radical and unfamiliar work through performance, publication, documentation, educational initiatives, and discussion. We work with historically, culturally, and institutionally underrepresented artists and build community through long-term collaborative projects.”
    • Contact info

Indiana - Indianapolis

  • State Street Pub
    • Pub / 100 inside, 100 outside
    • Substantial, with one of the best sound techs I’ve encountered
    • TVs with video synth/streaming
    • Left field electronics, improv, punk, etc

Hawai‘i - Honolulu

  • Battle House
    • DiY Space
    • Rock, noise, synthy, DIY

North Dakota - Fargo

  • The Aquarium
    • Bar venue, around 175 cap
    • Big stereo capable Midas board with full PA
    • Stage lights, disco ball, have seen people play with projectors, but none supplied
    • Everyone from Tobacco to the Melvins to Florist has played here. Indie/metal/experimental/folk/whatever!



  • Gateway City Arts – Bonnie Kane’s Experiment
    • Multi-stage arts venue, but the experiment stuff happens in a nice little theater
    • Easily 100 people capacity, but also fun with just 10 or so.
    • Full sound system, sometimes engineering is a little ad hoc
    • Full lighting system, lighting engineering is always a little ad hoc
    • Venue does lots of stuff but one of the owners is very into experimental/improvisation and asked Bonnie Kane curate her series there; the experiment does all kinds of solo/group free improv/electronics/what-have-you, skews towards noise but other things definitely welcomed.
    • Bonnie Kane


  • The Firehouse
    • 100 capacity, no bar, large open first floor in a decommissioned fire station.
    • Decent PA, 2 mains and a sub
    • BYO projector
    • Experimental and independent music mostly

Oregon - Portland

  • TurnTurnTurn

Pennsylvania - Erie

  • ElectroFLUX Experimental Music Series
    • Monthlyish series curated by @onewayness at various venues, including a ~50 capacity black box theater, galleries, DIY art spaces & “traditional” venues
    • PA depends on the venue – some have good in house systems, some I bring & provide my small one
    • Visuals also depend on the venue
    • Experimental/electronic/jazz/improvised/noise/“new music”/leftfield rock
    • Redirecting... or pm @onewayness here

Texas - Austin

  • DadaLab
    • DIY, approx 100-150 people (?)
    • Unsure of sound system details, but nice sounding PA for the space
    • Projector for visuals
    • Experimental/electronic music styles
    • (quarterly art/music/tech showcases) or @memermomonday (weekly experimental show) on Instagram

Vermont - Burlington

  • Community of Sound

    • DIY, approx 20 people
    • Old 8ch PA (but not necessary for many things, space sounds very live)
    • Projector and screen behind performance area
    • All music styles but experimental, improvised, new/composed music especially encouraged
  • The 126

    • Jazz club, about 50 in the main listening area
    • 8ch, small
    • Projector and screen can be set up
    • Owner is welcoming to many styles of music including experimental on traditionally slow nights, jazz things are the focus of the venue though
    • There is a baby grand piano here.

Michigan - Detroit

  • TVS : Studio 8500
    • Recording studio, community film club, and equipment rental center
    • 18u Buchla 200e system available to use
    • Control room under construction
    • Projector and screen mounted on wall, seating available
    • Booked and managed by lefties in town. Send all requests to
    • Website incoming

would it be more useful if the top post were a wiki, so that anyone can edit it?


Yes it would be great! But I have no idea how to make it so. Do you maybe need a moderator to do it?

yep, done! the top post is now a wiki!


Amazing! Thanks! I’ll edit the text to reflect this.

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Lots of small venues here in Austin! But I added details for our main weekly experimental night which just relocated to a new space. It tends to be a mix of touring/local. They also have a quarterly showcase with a handful of performers, typically local though.


What a delightful thread/wiki post. I know a good handful of venues in the St. Louis area, but not the specifics. I know a lot of the promoters and booking contacts though; so I’ll ask around and add them all in when i get any info!


Surprised there are no NYC venues listed here.

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Hopefully someone can fill in some :smiley:

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I’ve added the Aquarium here in snowy Fargo, ND! Probably not a lot of people coming through this part of the country, but I’ve seen a fair share of ambient and electronic acts there, so I figure what the heck!? My partner also does promotion there. DM me if you are interested in coming to town!


Thanks very much for this!

Not a “venue” as such, but have added the monthlyish series I curate here in Erie, PA (USA). Anyone doing the kinds of things we do here would be welcome, schedule permitting…


Added a few southern Ontario, Canada venues to seed the pot. There are definitely others to add still!

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Have played Silence, it was real cool. I should go back. And have tried (unsuccessfully) to get booked at the two Toronto venues you listed. :laughing:

Is the Nite Comforts series still happening in Toronto? They were doing it at Handlebar last I knew…

Oh cool, let me know if you do come back to Silence!

I don’t know about Nite Comforts, I’m not really familiar with it and haven’t lived in Toronto in a few years

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the list! We now have venues from:

  • Toronto
  • Guelph
  • Oslo
  • San Francisco
  • Indianapolis
  • Fargo
  • Portland
  • Erie, Austin
  • Burlington
  • Worcester!

A nice list already!

If you know of a nice venue, please add it to the list :slight_smile:

This is great, thanks!

A small request, could the list be alphabetized?

Also, I could see this being even more useful if it could include other data sets, such as local radio, record shops, music stores, promoters/simpatico arts organizations, zines, websites, etc… Even places to eat or sleep…

Basically anything that might help folks trying to put together a tour and or connect with a local scene…

While we’re clearly in a post-local world, local still matters a lot!


Sure! Go ahead!

LOVE this idea! Very much just want this to be a big resource for people who (like myself right now) are trying to put together a tour.


Added my community art/music space in an old fish farm building. We do shows, film screenings, and host community organizations. Photo attached. Space is able to be booked on a donation basis to us, one of the local radical organizations in town, or the Decolonize Palestine project.


This is what I wanted to start when I made the Lines concert venue wiki.

This is also the main reason for always including past events in the part of my website that lists dates.

It is extremely important that we as artists that are doing smaller stuff outside of the mainstream support each other in this way.

Good topic for discussion!


I do the same, partly as an aid to my own memory/remembrance of where I’ve been, but also because I ABSOLUTELY rely on lists like this on my friends/peers/etc.'s site(s) for recommendations, and if I can be helpful in that same way to anybody else, awesome.

Also, not specifically focused on the kinds of things we do, but is definitely a recommended resource.

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