Lines concert venue list - Add your local venues to the wiki

Welcome to the list of concert venues made by the people of Lines.

A lot of people on Lines are DIY live performers. This list is made to be a resourse for people who are looking for venues for their concerts / tours. It will also be useful for people visiting a town to know what venues to check out.

Please add your favorite venues!

This is a wiki post so anyone can edit the list.

Feel free to post a comment as well saying what you added so this wiki doesn’t get buried in the feed.

The format of the list is:



  • Name of venue
    • Venue style / size / capacity
    • Sound system
    • Visual system
    • Music style
    • Contact info

Lines concert venue list



  • Silence
    • Small venue (~40 people), no bar (but they do sell kambucha)
    • Rentals & community events
    • Experimental, improvised, & community music oriented


  • Arraymusic

    • Small venue (60 people), no bar
    • Mix of curated concerts and rentals
    • Tied in with new music & experimental composition scene
    • Baby grand
    • Second floor of converted industrial building (accessible via elevator)
  • Tranzac



  • Blå

    • Medium sized concert venue, 385 people
    • Good PA
    • Pretty decent projector setup
    • Both commercial and experimental music / Has concert series called vriompeis for more experimental stuff
    • Blå | Info & kontakt
  • Café Mir

    • Small concert venue / bar, 150 people
    • Good PA - Sound engineer + digital mixer or DIY with small analog mixer on stage
    • Pretty decent projector setup
    • Experimental and independent music mostly + rock + random
    • MIR | Grünerløkka Lufthavn
  • Kafé Hærverk

    • Small bar, 100 people
    • Good PA - Sound engineer + digital mixer or DIY with small analog mixer on stage
    • Not so good for visuals
    • Experimental and indepentent music mostly
    • Booking enquiry – KAFÉ HÆRVERK
  • Victoria - Nasjonal Jazzscene


California - San Francisco

  • Center for New Music
    • DIY/indie arts org, seats probably up to 80
    • 8 channel digital board with surround capabilities
    • projector available
    • contemporary classical, experimental, jazz/creative music
    •; contact curators for booking, or membership for a free rental

Indiana - Indianapolis

  • State Street Pub
    • Pub / 100 inside, 100 outside
    • Substantial, with one of the best sound techs I’ve encountered
    • TVs with video synth/streaming
    • Left field electronics, improv, punk, etc

North Dakota - Fargo

  • The Aquarium
    • Bar venue, around 175 cap
    • Big stereo capable Midas board with full PA
    • Stage lights, disco ball, have seen people play with projectors, but none supplied
    • Everyone from Tobacco to the Melvins to Florist has played here. Indie/metal/experimental/folk/whatever!



  • Gateway City Arts – Bonnie Kane’s Experiment
    • Multi-stage arts venue, but the experiment stuff happens in a nice little theater
    • Easily 100 people capacity, but also fun with just 10 or so.
    • Full sound system, sometimes engineering is a little ad hoc
    • Full lighting system, lighting engineering is always a little ad hoc
    • Venue does lots of stuff but one of the owners is very into experimental/improvisation and asked Bonnie Kane curate her series there; the experiment does all kinds of solo/group free improv/electronics/what-have-you, skews towards noise but other things definitely welcomed.
    • Bonnie Kane


  • The Firehouse
    • 100 capacity, no bar, large open first floor in a decommissioned fire station.
    • Decent PA, 2 mains and a sub
    • BYO projector
    • Experimental and independent music mostly

Oregon - Portland

  • TurnTurnTurn

Pennsylvania - Erie

  • ElectroFLUX Experimental Music Series
    • Monthlyish series curated by @onewayness at various venues, including a ~50 capacity black box theater, galleries, DIY art spaces & “traditional” venues
    • PA depends on the venue – some have good in house systems, some I bring & provide my small one
    • Visuals also depend on the venue
    • Experimental/electronic/jazz/improvised/noise/“new music”/leftfield rock
    • Electroflux Experimental Music Series or pm @onewayness here

Texas - Austin

  • DadaLab
    • DIY, approx 100-150 people (?)
    • Unsure of sound system details, but nice sounding PA for the space
    • Projector for visuals
    • Experimental/electronic music styles
    • (quarterly art/music/tech showcases) or @memermomonday (weekly experimental show) on Instagram

Vermont - Burlington

  • Community of Sound

    • DIY, approx 20 people
    • Old 8ch PA (but not necessary for many things, space sounds very live)
    • Projector and screen behind performance area
    • All music styles but experimental, improvised, new/composed music especially encouraged
  • The 126

    • Jazz club, about 50 in the main listening area
    • 8ch, small
    • Projector and screen can be set up
    • Owner is welcoming to many styles of music including experimental on traditionally slow nights, jazz things are the focus of the venue though
    • There is a baby grand piano here.

Michigan - Detroit

  • TVS : Studio 8500
    • Recording studio, community film club, and equipment rental center
    • 18u Buchla 200e system available to use
    • Control room under construction
    • Projector and screen mounted on wall, seating available
    • Booked and managed by lefties in town. Send all requests to
    • Website incoming

would it be more useful if the top post were a wiki, so that anyone can edit it?


Yes it would be great! But I have no idea how to make it so. Do you maybe need a moderator to do it?

yep, done! the top post is now a wiki!


Amazing! Thanks! I’ll edit the text to reflect this.

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Lots of small venues here in Austin! But I added details for our main weekly experimental night which just relocated to a new space. It tends to be a mix of touring/local. They also have a quarterly showcase with a handful of performers, typically local though.


What a delightful thread/wiki post. I know a good handful of venues in the St. Louis area, but not the specifics. I know a lot of the promoters and booking contacts though; so I’ll ask around and add them all in when i get any info!


Surprised there are no NYC venues listed here.

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Hopefully someone can fill in some :smiley:

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I’ve added the Aquarium here in snowy Fargo, ND! Probably not a lot of people coming through this part of the country, but I’ve seen a fair share of ambient and electronic acts there, so I figure what the heck!? My partner also does promotion there. DM me if you are interested in coming to town!


Thanks very much for this!

Not a “venue” as such, but have added the monthlyish series I curate here in Erie, PA (USA). Anyone doing the kinds of things we do here would be welcome, schedule permitting…


Added a few southern Ontario, Canada venues to seed the pot. There are definitely others to add still!

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Have played Silence, it was real cool. I should go back. And have tried (unsuccessfully) to get booked at the two Toronto venues you listed. :laughing:

Is the Nite Comforts series still happening in Toronto? They were doing it at Handlebar last I knew…

Oh cool, let me know if you do come back to Silence!

I don’t know about Nite Comforts, I’m not really familiar with it and haven’t lived in Toronto in a few years

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the list! We now have venues from:

  • Toronto
  • Guelph
  • Oslo
  • San Francisco
  • Indianapolis
  • Fargo
  • Portland
  • Erie, Austin
  • Burlington
  • Worcester!

A nice list already!

If you know of a nice venue, please add it to the list :slight_smile:

This is great, thanks!

A small request, could the list be alphabetized?

Also, I could see this being even more useful if it could include other data sets, such as local radio, record shops, music stores, promoters/simpatico arts organizations, zines, websites, etc… Even places to eat or sleep…

Basically anything that might help folks trying to put together a tour and or connect with a local scene…

While we’re clearly in a post-local world, local still matters a lot!


Sure! Go ahead!

LOVE this idea! Very much just want this to be a big resource for people who (like myself right now) are trying to put together a tour.


Alphabetized by Country, State, City, Venue. My alphabetization skills are weak so hopefully I got it right. Also added a favorite stop of mine in the Pioneer Valley.


Added my community art/music space in an old fish farm building. We do shows, film screenings, and host community organizations. Photo attached. Space is able to be booked on a donation basis to us, one of the local radical organizations in town, or the Decolonize Palestine project.