Lines library url shortener

check this out →

submit your desired shortened urls via github

it’s as easy as copying mlr.html and changing the urls.

also goes to straight to the library category page.

thanks @simonvanderveldt for suggesting this elegant solution


wow! i love. thnx @simonvanderveldt

in theory with a query to discord server tables this could be automated to cover all the library topics ? :thinking:


this could certainly be automated— but i’m feeling slightly inclined towards manual management for the moment— i haven’t thought about it thoroughly. mainly because choosing explicit urls seems like good hygiene. curious to hear further opinions/options!


“internet hygene” is a concept that will not be leaving my brain after you just said it


@Justmat wins:


yay! :partying_face: :partying_face:

Thanks @simonvanderveldt and @tehn for putting this together :smiley:

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Brilliant. Just submitted a PR.

How might we handle changing URLs from bumping version numbers / post tiles? is about to grow up to I’d like both URLs to redirect.

Two thoughts:

  1. Should we just not version our post titles?
  2. Does Discourse automatically redirect?
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unfortunately there isn’t a good way for discourse to handle this automatically.

best option is to edit the top post of prior versions and point a link to the new version thread. message @moderators and we can close the topic so it won’t be bumped.

versioning i think is ok for major updates (ie, i’m rewriting mlr and would like the old thread to get buried because it’ll be misinformative). @dan_derks has been doing this.

but i’m up for suggestions.

also— if someone has git/jekyll wizard skills and knows a better/faster way to maintain the forwarding structure, please advise!

The number after the /title is permanent within the same thread (in fact, the title is not needed).

For example, this thread is but you can omit the title entirely to get which will stay the same no matter how much the title is edited.

This doesn’t handle the “new thread entirely for each update” approach, though, in which case @tehn’s suggestion of linking the newest thread in your old threads sounds the best to me (and is probably good practice anyway). It also would make sense to update your shortlink in this repo when you make a thread (assuming that’s not too often)


aha. random googled this:

so we can probably do this with just one file (!)

followup: this would work but the site would need to be generated elsewhere (gh-pages doesn’t support 3rd party plugins) so… continue on…

i realize this isn’t in the docs or really promoted anywhere, so here’s a small bump while i figure out where to promote it properly


bumping again because we still haven’t promoted this right