Lines Meetup: London. 11th November 2021


A meetup of Lines folk to demo, chat, perform and make new friends.
We hope this will be the first meetup of many, and we’d love help co-creating the evening.


11th November 2021. 6pm-9pm.


  • Space4.
  • 113-115 Fonthill Rd, Finsbury Park, London N4 3HH.
  • Access via flight of stairs
  • Large indoor space with limited capacity
  • Ventillated via large windows at one end of the room.


@chrisl, @nattog and you, London-based Lines person.


We encourage you to take a lateral flow test (available for free from pharmacies) before attending, and to stay away if that’s positive or you have any COVID symptoms.


@nattog and I were chatting in the norns study group discord channel about meeting up in real life. Rather than over-think it we thought we’d get something in the diary and see if there’s any interest from the community.

We’ll probably bring our norns devices so we can show what we’ve been working on, but any talks, demos or performance suggestions are encouraged! We have a small PA, there’s a large table for demos and a kitchen area for refreshments.

Our friends at Space4 (where I have an office) have lent us their event space to try things out. To thank them we’ll have a charity collection for Code Your Future and School of Bop.


Thanks for organising @chrisl! I’ve registered to attend.

I could demo / discuss the pitfalls microtonal scale explorer library + show a norns implementation of Duncan Lockerby’s Molecular Music Box algorithm for melody generation.


That sounds great!

I’m planning on showing my work on passthrough, talking about how i have adapted it to work as a mod for norns. Am really looking forward to this!


This sounds very exciting, I wasn’t expecting a Lines meetup at walking distance from where I live (also in N4 albeit on the other side of the park). I’ll have a think what I can contribute…


Just yourself is contribution enough @otaro!

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Sounds good . . . and close to home. I can’t make the 11th but I’ll try and make the next one . . .

alas, I’m already double booked (and it’s a fair haul from the other side of London). I hope you have a good one.

Thank you for your interest @jemfiner @infovore - a more central venue might make sense in the future, and I’m hoping we’ll be able to meet regularly if folks are keen.

oh, don’t mind me mentioning locations - most other weeks I could have probably headed up north - and sometimes having access to a suitable location makes the journey worth it! Hope it’s a fun meetup, perhaps see you all soon.


Hi, Islington here and really hope to come along. Can I ask if the meet has any formal structure to it? - or is it more pop in mingle and chat? 6pm is really early for me as I usually finish up in South ken around then. If I made it for 7 would i be disrupting the flow/ missing anything crucial?


No formal structure, I think we’ll see how it goes on the evening. Please do come along even if you can’t make it for 6.


I think both @chrisl and I have not prepared much other than the expectation to have a good chat, just like it is here on lines.

however, if anyone would like to perform live or propose anything particular, you are most welcome!

What a strange coincidence; when I lived in London for half a year in maybe 1998, it was about 100m from that place. I haven’t been in the neighborhood since, but hoping to check it out on some future trip to UK.

Have a good meetup, glad to hear something like that is happening.


Ten years ago I left London having spent the previous decade or so working just up the road from there on the next corner; shame I’m not around in London this month as have been known to attend work meetings there since then - and the pandemic makes it unlikely I will be any time soon - as this would be right up my street (if it was ~1,000km longer).

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I signed up for this completely forgetting that I’ll be away from London to visit my relatives in the Netherlands this coming week… so I won’t be able to make it unfortunately. Hope there will be another opportunity soon!

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Love the idea of a Lines London meetup but won’t be able to make it to this one, unfortunately.
Hope everyone has a fantastic time - please do post photos, report back with news of how it went and any other juicy bits of gossip! :smiley:

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Hey folks! This is happening tomorrow evening, 11th November. Really looking forward to seeing everybody. I’ll put a notice on the door so you know you’ve found the right place.

We’ve had a couple of suggestions for demos (thanks @delineator, @nattog) so we’ll also have plenty of time to get to know each other and chat too.

There’s still time and place to come along, so please do so if you’ve been on the fence (or are seeing this for the first time).

We’ll post back here with a little update of how it went later!


A small low key start, but with 3 coders in the room- all writers of norns scripts! so no shortage of quality. There was nothing in the attitude of any of us to say this should be the focus going forward. I am not a coder myself and didn’t feel ‘out of it’ in any way. We were all pretty open to the general width of lines subjects. The subject of alternative and Micro tunings got chewed over for a good while.
As for the gossip- this was mainly about our day jobs but, really you had to be there to get the subtleties (a spectrograph would miss).

I’m looking forward to many more of these and hearing a completely different set of thoughts and ideas each time.

thanks to @chrisl for setting this up.



Yes! This happened on Thursday night, thank you to @nattog, @Zedkah and @delineator for making it along and for everyone else who showed encouragement and interest.

@delineator gave us an introduction to microtonal music, and the Ls system for describing musical scales. He gave a demo of his pitfalls script for norns, and a work-in-progress script for creating generative compositions using microtonal scales.

@nattog gave us an overview of the new norns mods system and a demo of his passthrough mod for adding MIDI Thru to every norns script. We through some ideas around for other things that could be built using mods and @nattog showed us a screenshotting mod he’s working on.

I gave a quick demo of a work-in-progress script I’m calling tet which is inspired by Four Tet’s use of cooledit as a performance tool. I also gave a quick overview of foulplay because I’ve been using it a lot recently and I really like it.

I really enjoyed the evening - in the end it turned out to be a quite focussed on norns and norns scripting but we talked about how it’d be great to cover a broader range of Lines-y topics. In particular having a small PA system was great, and opens up quite a lot of possibilities for demoing DIY instruments, modular or other gear, or doing performances or group improvisations.

We’d like to fit another meetup in this side of Christmas - we’ve been talking about early December. Watch this space (thread)!