Lines members Finland Shows!

I’m off to Finland for the first time at the end of March, playing shows with my pal @Net and Megan Steinberg.

Sound Room 76: Third Space (Tarkk’ampujankatu 18)

Kaukana Väijyy Ambient: Ravintola 931 (Kehräsaari B)

Come and see us if you’re nearby!


Are you doing turntable or eurorack gig?

For my part, I’m doing eurorack & samples (I’m the guy who sold you the divebomb delay btw!). I believe Phil is doing some sort of special new eurorack setup, while Megan is going to do something really cool with a turntable.

Fantastic, sounds great… dates are not working out well for me, but I´ll see what i can do

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I’ll be playing Eurorack, some drone based work I’ve been putting together.