Lines Octatrack Study Group


A bunch of us have started a study group for all things Octatrack. It’s a place to learn and share knowledge. We have a Discord, email list and zoom meetups. we discuss techniques, workflows, tips’n’tricks etc. All skill levels are welcome and everyone is encouraged to share or ask questions.

To get on the email list, DM me.


Zoom Session Archive:

Session1(“tapelooping” with the Octatrack)

Session2(intro to sequencing)

Additional Resources:
work in progress


thanks for the archive links!
these will be super useful

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if anyone has anything they want to learn or are curious about, we’re always looking for topics!


might check the other thread here but what resources would you recommend to help newbs learn to import samples?

i’m trying to arrange folders of one shots to be useful in OT world


would love to attend the next one if these are still happening :slight_smile:

Hey! send me yr email on DM and join the Discord. A bit of a break right now since I don’t have any spare time to organize. But they will keep happening. The input I´ve gotten so far from other OT users have been invaluable!