Lines Skill Share

I thought it might be good to have a thread where people can exchange skills, either locally or remotely.

I guess the idea would be to post what you want to know and what you could offer and people could contact each other that way?


I think this is a very important idea. I also think this thread will raise almost as many practical questions (or even more) than it will bring practical answers but we still have to try. I would add “resources share” to the skill share concept as sometimes resources are what’s missing in addition to knowledge and skill.


Yeah that’s a good idea. Do you want to make the thread or shall I?


As far as the first on-topic post, I would love to bone up on:

  • Fusion360/3dprinting chops. I’m getting OK at it, but there’s lots I don’t really know how to do, or how to best implement.
  • Portuguese

I can offer a range of things back.


I don’t know why but I actually feel inclined on taking you up for a Skype session. :sweat_smile:


I’m happy to help on:

  • general mentoring on software engineering career
  • javascript / web dev / nodejs
  • Ableton
  • TIdalcycles / livecoding
  • Sound design

I’d like to learn about:

  • AI for artists
  • Blender - I’ve done 3d stuff long time ago and I’d like to explore that again.

I can help with:

  • Modular questions, especially around unorthodox sequencing, physical modeling of sounds, CV-to-MIDI
  • Beta testing
  • Product Management / Conceptualisation
  • Documentation
  • Composition / Orchestration
  • MIDI generally

Would love to get help on

  • Composition (always worth seeking out help)
  • Audio Production (I’ve been working with music professionally for decades but I still don’t have an album out!)
  • Arduino programming (got a very specific eurorack project to work on)
  • Making a MIDI controller (again, need help to make something)

I’m wondering if it might be interesting/valuable to “broadcast” some of the sessions that happen?

As in, if someone is helping someone on with [something interest to lots of lines folks] that that could happen on a semi-open google hangout (or similar) where only the two main people are speaking/interacting, but other people can listen/watch.

Obviously only if the main people involved are up for it, but in reading down the list of things here I was thinking that I would love to know more about almost all of those things!


I did! Highly recommended! Rodrigo is such a thoughtful and gentle guide to all things music.

I can help with:

  • UX design
  • UI/web coding
  • Generative visuals
  • Lightweight audio mastering
  • Graphic design
  • Printing
  • Agriculture (especially fruit and flowers)
  • Woodwork
  • Subtractive CNC and laser cutting
  • Electronics a bit (but there are far wiser folks around these parts)
  • Stage lighting, a bit (but again, only “entry level”)
  • Oh yeah, and all the various sonic weirdness we all love around here. I’m “just one of the gang” among lines folks, but I’ve been around a while now and have learned some things.

What a great idea!


this is an amazing thread shared collective minded wonderful stuff idea. must echo such great wonder from @Rodrigo i hope to gibgab with you again once i have beefed up my broken down chicken ranch of a max4livelearning state.

skills and potential offerings:
-coffee flight and coffee explore
-light to mmmystical side of music theory/ableton
-creative expansion
-non-legally binding/anecdotal safety/nurse/health thoughts related to circumstance. bsn irl and i obviously can’t likely solve your health issues from afar but i am happy to try to telemediclize™. this is obviously sticky but it is a job i have so skillset present.

what i need help i with is: guidance sessions on grid programming in max4live suite9/max7

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It’s hard for me to pinpoint specific skills I have that would be worth sharing. I’m an amateurs amateur. Lots of hobbies few skills. I just graduated a couple of years ago with an associates in web design and development. I don’t use it much? I’ve worked for the county library for a number of years. Seen a lot of changes and I’ve worn a lot of hats: shelving material, lower-middle management, customer service and accounts, software testing… I do a lot of stuff with spreadsheets and databases these days. I’ve managed/maintained/written some pretty complex applications in google apps script for work purposes.

Skills I would like to improve:
-Pure Data
-General composition
-Sound design
-Music workflow

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  • Cooking (especially veg meals)
  • Fantasy Premier League selections
  • Addictions and mental health

@Rodrigo : If you want to practice some (Brazilian) Portuguese I’m always available to talk :slight_smile:

@ParanormalPatroler: I have some experience with Arduino programming, specially for MIDI stuff. Feel free to reach out if you need some help!

I can also offer help related to programming related to Max / Max for Live in relationship to modular (CV), Grid, custom programming for the Push, etc. I have experience developing commercial products in these areas but I’m always interested in helping the community as much as possible.


I’m a professional lighting designer, in multiple senses of the phrase - my day job is applications engineering tech for a commercial/industrial/residential lighting manufacturer, but I also do lighting design for theatrical productions and, at a previous job, worship services and concerts. I am also a professional web developer, albeit a bit out of date due to not currently developing professionally.

I’d love software engineering mentoring, because I’m trying to break away from web development and into “real” software work (and am actively pursuing an online Computer Science degree during my evenings/weekends). I’d also like to contribute to some open-source musical software projects, if anybody’s interested in pointing me in the direction to learn.


Would love to learn lighting! It’s a union gig here at least, but I’d love to add something to my shows…

Like… could I use Make Noise Pressure Points to trigger lighting events via CV somehow (and how expensive is a lighting rig).

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Dang, everyone’s backgrounds here are so cool. All I have to offer are my skilz in R and VBA. If you want to run a multiple regression analysis or automate some tasks in Excel or Access, get at me.

I am definitely looking to expand my non-existing understanding of Lua, and perhaps learn Eagle for once.


I know a whole lot about bicycles, been working at a shop the last five years. I know that probably doesn’t help over the internet, but I can probably point you in the right direction if you wanna do some home-maintenance!


@ThurberMingus, I would like to understand French bicycle tire standards, if that is in fact possible. :rofl:

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I am a pretty well seasoned drummer/percussionist (15 years now), so if anyone ever wants to talk drums or maybe skype lessons (?) hit me up :slight_smile:

Would love to learn:
Lua so I can make/share my own Norns scripts!

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Skills I have are
Saxophone (classical and noise)
Music theory (traditional harmony up thru post tonal, a lil microtonal, and a baaaby itty bit of jazz harmony)
Early childhood education
Composition: electronic and acoustic (ableton, max, orchestration, or what have you)

A skill that I recently tragically found out I know nothing about is grant writing