Lines Tracker Jam 1 - Release

Inspired by the Polyend Tracker and Trackers! threads we present to you the first lines tracker jam. Following in the MCRP/LCRP tradition a pool of samples was shared with all artists and used as the sole source materials for creating tracks.

I hope that the participants can share their experiences (and possibly project files) in this thread for reflection/discussion.

I also used this project as an excuse to test drive Bandlab’s Online Mastering Tool. I am pretty impressed with it and will be conducting further experiments on other styles of music in the future.


Oops. Forgot to allow downloads. Changed the settings. So free download is now active.


It was an honor to be a part of!
Samples were of such high-quality, i just had such an easy time… i even started a couple weeks late, but some kind of flow took over because it felt natural. Was something magical about the timing and the way the particular participants coelesced together just for this particular project, there’s no wayyyy there’ll ever be another compilation like this again :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: …which is why i look forward to the next one, too :clap: :smiley: for yet another exceptional experience of creative and collaborative love manifesting into the light of the world like this beauty right here! :raised_hands:

…and here’s my session file:

Thanks again! :heart:


whoa this is a most excellent way to bring my friday to a close :surfing_man:

I was sadly unaware of this latent lines tracker talent. Any chance we could get individual links to artist Bandcamps/SoundClouds/etc?

makes me wish i had the patience to learn a tracker
eyes the dusty DMG-01 in the desk drawer

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I had so many false starts on this that I will be revisiting. From ambient, to dnb and trip hop before ultimately falling into my interpretation of Amen juggling jungle. I feel the track is probably naive in terms of its construction and conventions of the genre. I would also like to spend a little more time getting to know the eQ device inside the Polyend tracker. I mostly used the filters to sculpt sounds. I really enjoyed using chance and the random fx in the tracker. I am starting to think that I should maybe have used shorter phrases but used the chance fx a lot more on the break.

This has been the quickest I have bonded with a device and it has become my go to for fun and creativity.

I am absolutely stunned with the quality and diversity in the release. Not one of the tracks sounds out of place. The track listing was randomly generated by MS excel! (I had hoped to use the tracker to do that job, but ran out of time).


wow didn’t expect to get such a rush hearing my samples show up! great mix of diversity in styles that feel unified through the same samples reappearing throughout.

that @demure track is a bangerrrrrr and devin dominguez with the vaporwave herbie hancock vibes really blew me away. so much good.


Yeah, I haven’t finished listening to all the tracks yet, but this is a CLEAR highlight.

(Everything I’ve heard has been really high quality, though!)


My track was: colmkil - “strip mall parking lot 3 am”
Here’s my renoise file on dropbox my track

For my track I based the “A” part around the amen break slowed down. there were some really great textural variations in the samples which I had layered throughout almost the whole track. The drums were mostly amen break with accents and emphasis from other samples. I sort of did a combo of playing some samples across the keyboard at different pitch/rates (for example, the amen break) and other samples I used renoise’s auto-chop (for example, @TelevisionName 's saxophone) which I live played in the chopped up snippets.

The “B” section it was based around @naxuu’s beautiful bubbly sound which gave me some metro boomin vibes for some reason. Chopped up @steveoath 's drums to make a little “kit” that i programmed in, and then used one of @rbxbx samples over the top, giving it an ominous “wait this is not in the same key” vibe :wink: What I loved about transitioning between these two sections is the way the tracker invites you to play around with how you relate to the tempo you’ve set.

To me, the two sections have a totally different groove (because of the samples), but then when the parts layer over each other you start to get some interplay that is really interesting, because by definition they are on a very tight grid. This is something I did a lot in a linear DAW with samples when I was trying to make hip hop beats (layering things with tempo synced loop points, but different grooves), but because of the way Renoise suggests more complexity and experimentation and layering it felt like a workflow much more suited to this type of DAW. Renoise is a ridiculously fun and powerful tool—I feel like I’ve barely scratched the surface with what it can do.

Anyways, I didn’t shout out everyone who’s samples I used but they were all really great—I felt a bit spoiled for choice :slight_smile: Been really loving listening to this the last few days, every song is distinct but cohesive and I love the lil snippets of recognition as you hear the same samples used in different ways across the record.

Very fun and great job everyone! Will be returning to this mix often I think :partying_face:


I can confirm this passes the 4am “what am I even listening to?” test. :sunglasses:

It’d be cool to associate the tracks with people’s lines usernames imo.


Is there any way to have this popped up on the LCRP bandcamp page to keep it with the other community released comps?

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