Lines wiki

there have been some discussions about launching a wiki which aligns with the interests of the lines community— principally music tech.

a large part of this would be an effort to preserve and sort informative contributions which are frequently made here (and then, somewhat lost due to the fact that a forum is built for conversation). it could also be a resource for newcomers given there is a lot of assumed knowledge in this field— a place where learning can happen without having an asked question get lumped into a megathread.

this success of such a project hinges on having a dedicated crew of editors, along with initial contributions to build the form and set the tone.

consider this thread a query of interest. if you’re passionate about the prospects of such a project and realistically think you’d be able to commit time to this, post here. if we get a critical mass, i’ll set up a group DM, launch a server, and we can give ourselves a deadline before public launch.

there are a lot of questions around this still: goals, substance, etc. i’m looking to help facilitate and be part of a team as this would be a community effort— it’ll hinge on a handful of dedicated people.


This is an awesome idea. I’d love to see a repo or wiki that consolidates teletype scripts from the community for example. Search function works great but I can see the value in a resource that more directly locates answers to common questions


i could help on anything to do with Max patches(if that was a thing needed)


I’d be into contributing to something regarding hardware stuff (soldering, reading schematics, components, sourcing, troubleshooting, etc.).


I don’t yet know what I’m likely to contribute, but I think it’s a great idea and I’m excited to participate.


not sure I have the know-how to be that helpful, but if there’s anything I can do with modular or teletype related stuff maybe I can be of some use. or if there’s support busywork that requires no knowledge :slight_smile: that sounds like my cup of tea lol.

love this idea!


Would be super happy to be involved.

Can definitely take point on any DIY Shield info
(I hang out in that thread the most)

Also anything that relates to the specific DIY hardware born out of Lines (pretty much built / repaired it all at this point.)

@tehn I recall a post where you were looking to get together a set of DIY hardware tools / frameworks that people could expand upon. Happy to help with wiki info for that as well.

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agreeing with other participants in this thread — i think it’s a great and viable idea and i would be happy to contribute. not yet sure what my contributions could be — i’m not a solderer neither a coder (yet) but i’m a long time (since 2015) modular synthesizer user, a casual norns shield / crow / teletype user, have experience with i2c (current subsystem: crow / jf / er-301 / teletype / 16n) etc.

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Count me in!

I can contribute words about audio programming and lump in some practical DSP I guess. I’ve also got experience using stuff like libmonome directly without serialosc/monomeserial which I believe could use some more documentation. There’s also some of the alternative norns software I’ve been working on and off on which I’d be more than happy to write about as well. Would any of this be of interest?

On that topic, where’s the best place to find the old monome and other community max patches currently?

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Love the idea – if this can become anything like an arch-wiki-for-audio-tech, it would be a dream come true.

I want to help but am a little hesitant about over-exerting. I don’t know if I have much to offer in depth on a particular subject, but I could get the ball rolling on a section about configuring a generic headless Raspberry Pi + jackd workflow, and I’m happy to contribute broadly in the linux audio / pure data sphere.

glad to see the show of interest!

a couple of thoughts:

  • the goal would be something more generally covering music tech: basically distill the topics discussed here, put into a navigable form
  • my intention for this was not for it to be monome affiliated, but lines-companioned. many of the contribution suggestions made here could/should actually be made at the monome docs (which i know requires doing github, which is a hurdle)
  • to reiterate, this will succeed if there are a few dedicated collaborator-volunteers who have a vision for what it can be plus some time to put into editing. if this is you, DM me, and i’ll see where we’re at by the end of the week.

:thinking: hmmm… good question… aside from the ‘monome docs’ link that @tehn provided above, i was thinking of looking at every thread that comes up under the ‘max’ tag, and also under the ‘max4live’ tag… there would be many threads where collaborative patches happened and other utilities might be found that aren’t necessarily associated with grid or found on the github.

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Post withdrawn, please delete.

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I’m not sure how much I can contribute to initial planning/vision but I have a background in writing and editing and would happily get involved whenever I can.

I love the idea, and similar to some others, would like to contribute but lack meaningful technical knowledge.

I have good proofreading and basic written language critical skills as a lawyer and teacher. And am evidently in a perpetual beginner’s mind perspective when trying to make sense of technical writing and applications. So if there’s any interest in having ongoing feedback along those lines, count me in.

Intriguing! Any examples of similar community wiki projects to get a sense of scope/scale?

as i stated above, i’m not asking for people to document monome devices. this proposal was for a generalized music-tech wiki, not product-specific.

monome did in fact hire someone who is working full-time on docs, support, and more. and we do absolutely appreciate outside contributions, but you’ll see that in fact most documentation is created in-house— because it’s a lot of work. documentation for TT and ansible have been greatly expanded by the community following code contributions to those modules. this is actually how open-source works, and should be considered a positive aspect of the process.

but let’s not derail this thread. if you want to broadcast a critique of monome as a company, please start another thread.


I really like this idea and would be interested in helping contribute content. What sort of time commitment do you think it will be?

I really like this idea and would be willing to contribute. Even just a curated “best of” the forum posts would be super useful, I think.

However, it would be good to agree on an editorial policy: what kind of stuff goes into the forum, what kind of stuff to the monome documentation, and what to the wiki.

I’ll give an example of a “borderline” case to illustrate this problem: I started preparing a document on how to convert existing Supercollider scripts to Norns engines. However, I never finished it, even though I made some progress. As an unfinished work, I feel I can’t submit a PR to the Norns documentation, and I feel it doesn’t justify a forum post (yet). However, a wiki might be place to submit text documents that are very much a work in progress. Thoughts on this?