Lines wiki

A wiki could be a great way to aggregate useful information and helpful links. I would appreciate a resource that would gather different tech info by category (hardware/software), manufacturer, primary functionality, and then link to manufacturer’s sites and manuals, tutorials, reviews, and some kind of distillation of user insights (preferably with links to original posts on Lines or elsewhere).

It becomes a potentially very helpful master index. My mother was a research librarian, this stuff is woven deep into my psyche…

Edit: A lovely result of this would be not having to read through some extremely long topical threads to find a particular bit of urgently needed info. A downside would be not reading a long thread and missing out on the character and quality of exchanges therein. Of course one does not preclude the other completely. :sunglasses:


A wiki would be a great idea! I’ve found myself bookmarking tons of threads and posts here in lines that I come back to, for things that could be more easily reached in something like a wiki instead of an ever-growing thread :slight_smile: