Linux audio conference

at CCRMA, home of mind-boggling multidimensional sound systems.

a bunch of us are going. if anyone would like to join.

if anyone wants to participate, submission deadline for performances/talks is thursday 12/20 (very soon).


omg, I can take a train there. fun. see u there.

Missed the last one at Stanford a few years ago while I was working down Embarcadero, good opportunity to visit my folks

@lazzarello @murray would be rad to see you both!

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Crud. I’m almost certainly going to be out of town, but we’ll see. Thanks!

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Don’t know anything about Linux but CCRMA is a magical place. I’d be down to go just to kick it

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There has been semi-serious talk of a California spring trip with my downhill skating buds in BC… Will definitely swing by if I’m in town and haven’t mangled myself!

just want to encourage other broke folks to apply for their scholarships for events/workshops/whatever there. theres some really cool folks there. i miss living in the bay and being close by!

I’m local (San Francisco) and am definitely going to try to make it down at some point. Would be great to meet some folks and say hi!

coming in two weeks.

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I’ve been saying “next year” for way too long but – next year I hope!

Would love to hear reports from folks who make it out.

Oh man. Ive been looking for something like this.
I need to search down this rabbit trail…

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Thanks for bumping this! Registration this year starts next month and it’s taking place in France:

Boy, I’d love to go but that’s short notice for a long trip…

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Oh cool. If folks want to combine their trip/week, the Algorithmic Art Assembly, with Curtis Roads and Chris (@modulationindex ) Carlson among others, is 3/27-28 in San Francisco:


Probably makes sense for a mod to add the year to the thread title?

As the post above mentions, it’s in Bordeaux 11-13/5 this year

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Ah. That I missed. Thanks.

Turns out LAC2020 will take place online this year as France is still under lockdown.

The program looks quite dense, if that’s not enough there’s also the International Faust Conference following right away on the 1st/2nd December.

Speaking of Faust, for those of you who missed the Programmable Audio Workshop last week-end, the recorded stream is available on the PAW website, that’s all folks !