Linux: serialosc-detector does something; serialoscd, nothing


I’m running Ubuntu 18.04. I installed libmonome and serialosc from source and couldn’t make it work, then discovered there’s a PPA so I uninstalled from source and installed via apt.

The documentation talks about running “serialosc” but I have no such command available. I do have three similar-looking ones, though.

If I run serialoscd, nothing happens; the prompt doesn’t even hang.

If I run serialosc-device I get “serialosc-device: device not specified, exiting”. I’m probably not giving it an argument it needs.

If I run serialosc-detector, the prompt hangs. If I then plug in the monome, I get some funny text, the second line of which is always the same.

Here’s a transcript of the experiments I just described:

jeff@jeff-Inspiron-5567:~$ serialoscd
jeff@jeff-Inspiron-5567:~$ serialosc-device 
serialosc-device: device not specified, exiting
jeff@jeff-Inspiron-5567:~$ serialosc-detector 
jeff@jeff-Inspiron-5567:~$ serialosc-detector 

(The two occurrences of “^C” correspond to my pressing Ctrl-C to kill the process.)



At one point – I don’t know whether this matters – I had two versions of libmonome installed: libmonome via source and libmonome1 via apt. (That happened because I had just uninstalled serialosc from source, and when I installed it via apt, it installed libmonome1 along with it.)

So then I uninstalled everything – libmonome from source, libmonome1 from apt, and serialosc from apt – and reinstalled both from apt. (I uninstalled the source installs by going to the source folder and running sudo ./waf uninstall, and the apt installs by running sudo apt remove <package>.)



This is the right command to start serialosc. If it quits immediately, that means that the daemon is already running. PPA packages are configured to start the daemon automatically after installation and on boot. You can disable this behaviour with systemctl as described in

If you’re running the precompiled package as a daemon, you can check if the devices are connected by watching the system logs, by running e.g. tail -f /var/log/syslog

In the log you should see something like following:

serialosc [m1100150]: connected, server running on port 18434

If you’re not using the daemon, run serialoscd in the terminal and then the same line as above will be printed in the terminal too.

Running serialosc as regular user requires adding your user to group dialout as follows:

sudo adduser <yourusername> dialout

Make sure to log out and login again after that. Hope this helps!



It works! Many, many thanks, Art!