Liquid Foam - sequencer sync strangeness (maybe)

Any Liquid Foam users out there?

I built one from the pre-soldered DIY kit, had a case laser-cut. Was a rewarding project! However I’m not sure the sequencer is behaving correctly.

When I sync the LF to external gear (either as clock master or slave) the left side of the sequencer plays ‘off grid’, meaning the notes don’t play on the expected 16th notes/clock ticks, they play between ticks. The right side of the sequencer plays on the grid.

I’ve watched all the youtube vids I can find showing LF synced to external gear and I think there’s something amiss with my one rather than this being a ‘quirk’.

Anybody have this same experience?

It’s definitely not Sequencer B behaviour then?

Not sure what you mean. Do you mean B as in right-side sequencer?

So from 1.08 of this video it talks about Sequencer B and it’s relationship with the LFO

The foam does sync kinda loosely, but yeah make sure you understand how sequencer b works and the correlation between the x y inputs and sequencer a, if I want straight (ish) patterns I take all my trigs from sequencer a

But also from the problem you described it sounds like the clock may be triggering on the falling edge rather than rising edge of your clock pulse? - that would cause the behavior you described

Edit: if you use an inverter on your clock signal and it fixes the timing issue then this is indeed the problem ! Give it a shot
Could something be backwards in ya build? Lol