a bit of Lissadron warped through Cheat Codes…


This sounds great- I’m going to have to try this as well :slight_smile: Thanks for sharing!


so i can’t help but always think of this guy when i see the parameter: Trigonseed

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just chiming in to say this is an amazing script. incredible balance of complexity and immediacy. really makes it fun to play with complex timbres in a way thats rare for synthesizers. absolutely lovely.


What does the Crow out actually do on the Lissadron script? Does it send 1v/oct or something else?

made a short clip with lissadron to help me learn some video synthesis stuff. this script is amazing. I feel guilty using it because it so effortlessly creates amazing sounds and melodies.


I did not implement it specifically, so I guess it does whatever it does by default (!?). Don’t have a crow at hand, so also cannot test it…

beautiful! Thanks for the share!

Don’t feel guilty, this is what it’s made for, after all :slight_smile:

If you wanna help out, maybe you wanna listen to my music on bandcamp :headphones: :wink:


This is very inspiring. really looking forward to exploring this script

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This is really fantastic. Thank you for sharing this. Makes me want to explore this script. Honestly, beautiful!

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very deep , yet simple >> #nornslife
but!..meta parameter lfo possible integration / update ? humble smiley face emojicon –
also i feel like i should be able to figure this out w.midi maybe but alas , and plus im no coder : /

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could you explain what you mean by “meta parameter lfo possible integration / update ? humble smiley face emojicon –”?

I’m just guessing and could be wrong; I think he’s asking if Lissadron as a script and synth could have controllable LFO’s that can effect the norns global or meta parameters such as global volume, monitor and/or Softcut.

As I think about it, he could be asking for something like the assignable LFO on the OP-1

But again, I could be wrong.

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thanks for the (possible) explanation!

I am currently not planning to implement such a feature. However, if there are enough people requesting it, and I find the time(/money) to do it, I am willing to consider.

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thanks y’all
to clarify - is there a way in which i could achieve automated adjustments of E2 & E3 paramter (“meta parameter, different for each seed”), without coding?

so, im imagining an lfo latched to E2&E3 – i love dialing-in gorgeous harmonic resonance & slowly shifting the knobs to create undulating harmonic overtones +++ but would be very fresh if i didnt have to manually twist the knobs w/my fingers lol.

and when i mentioned midi , maybe theres a midi controller i can slide into my norns that can accomplish this that i dont know about … … … much love

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I cant find this is maiden? how do I install?

I second this! in 20 characters

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you may do this (with any controls) via MIDI; unfortunately, and since AFAIK the USB-B port on Norns/RPI can only be used for power, not for sending over MIDI, you’d need to either plug a rather intelligent MIDI controller/sequencer (like the pyramid, or a beatstep pro) that is capable of MIDI LFOs, or you need a dedicated MIDI interface (like the m-audio midi sport) to connect to a host computer and there-running DAW (or e.g. SuperCollider) that provides the MIDI LFOs.

Or, of course, you could implement it directly into the Lissadron script and send me a PR :wink: . This might actually be something interesting for the norns architecture itself: meta-control/LFO’s for engine parameters…

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you might need to update your norns; Lissadron should be listed in the dust project manager.

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I think u can use yr double norns powers here w/ changes if you wanted, you’d just need two midi/usb converters, to get midi out and then back in

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