Very cool synth. Just had a lot of fun with Lissadron and my Digitakt. The internal sequencer can be transposed nicely over external sources. Great work.

Okay cool. That’s what I was assuming.

It did occur to me that it would be an amazing poly synth as well, though I have no idea if the architecture will allow for it.


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the architecture yes, but it seems that the norns platform is not powerful enough to support the synth (I tried…)

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Ah. that makes sense thanks.


oh…no…three actual norns!


so i hooked a 16n to one of the Lissadron scripts and…wow!
i need to spend more time with exploring this script!
here’s a quick vid of just quickly adjusting SEED, 0 and 1.
i also was exploring all the other variables but seq_fill and seq_shift also had alot of attention.
(not in the vid)
i want to sequence a bunch of CC# commands from the LD3 into this!


Decided to add grit, a parameter that adds a lot more expressiveness to the sound.

Updating the patch requires a reset of your norns. If the reset results in a supercollider fail, just reboot and it should be fine.


Thanks! But will reset do anything to existing patches / presets?

I tried to match but no guaranties.

It didn’t :slight_smile: but I’m getting error: load fail even after reseting and rebooting
hmmm any idea? thx

With any new engine, a reboot (sleep, power off, power on) is needed. Reset does not do what is needed.

Tried that too but did not work. Maybe I should install the new norns update

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oh, yes, that should do it – the script uses the new global clock, which requires 200424 to run


First little doodle. Super fun and immediate. Thank you.


this is flipping amazing!
it’s the headbang baseline arp generator of our generation.
seriously great stuff!


This is fantastic and surprising!

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thanks, @dan_derks, i added this minimal system requirement to the description.

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a bit of Lissadron warped through Cheat Codes…


This sounds great- I’m going to have to try this as well :slight_smile: Thanks for sharing!


so i can’t help but always think of this guy when i see the parameter: Trigonseed

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