so i can’t help but always think of this guy when i see the parameter: Trigonseed

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just chiming in to say this is an amazing script. incredible balance of complexity and immediacy. really makes it fun to play with complex timbres in a way thats rare for synthesizers. absolutely lovely.


What does the Crow out actually do on the Lissadron script? Does it send 1v/oct or something else?

made a short clip with lissadron to help me learn some video synthesis stuff. this script is amazing. I feel guilty using it because it so effortlessly creates amazing sounds and melodies.


I did not implement it specifically, so I guess it does whatever it does by default (!?). Don’t have a crow at hand, so also cannot test it…

beautiful! Thanks for the share!

Don’t feel guilty, this is what it’s made for, after all :slight_smile:

If you wanna help out, maybe you wanna listen to my music on bandcamp :headphones: :wink:


This is very inspiring. really looking forward to exploring this script

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This is really fantastic. Thank you for sharing this. Makes me want to explore this script. Honestly, beautiful!

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very deep , yet simple >> #nornslife
but!..meta parameter lfo possible integration / update ? humble smiley face emojicon –
also i feel like i should be able to figure this out w.midi maybe but alas , and plus im no coder : /

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could you explain what you mean by “meta parameter lfo possible integration / update ? humble smiley face emojicon –”?

I’m just guessing and could be wrong; I think he’s asking if Lissadron as a script and synth could have controllable LFO’s that can effect the norns global or meta parameters such as global volume, monitor and/or Softcut.

As I think about it, he could be asking for something like the assignable LFO on the OP-1

But again, I could be wrong.

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thanks for the (possible) explanation!

I am currently not planning to implement such a feature. However, if there are enough people requesting it, and I find the time(/money) to do it, I am willing to consider.

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thanks y’all
to clarify - is there a way in which i could achieve automated adjustments of E2 & E3 paramter (“meta parameter, different for each seed”), without coding?

so, im imagining an lfo latched to E2&E3 – i love dialing-in gorgeous harmonic resonance & slowly shifting the knobs to create undulating harmonic overtones +++ but would be very fresh if i didnt have to manually twist the knobs w/my fingers lol.

and when i mentioned midi , maybe theres a midi controller i can slide into my norns that can accomplish this that i dont know about … … … much love

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I cant find this is maiden? how do I install?

I second this! in 20 characters

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you may do this (with any controls) via MIDI; unfortunately, and since AFAIK the USB-B port on Norns/RPI can only be used for power, not for sending over MIDI, you’d need to either plug a rather intelligent MIDI controller/sequencer (like the pyramid, or a beatstep pro) that is capable of MIDI LFOs, or you need a dedicated MIDI interface (like the m-audio midi sport) to connect to a host computer and there-running DAW (or e.g. SuperCollider) that provides the MIDI LFOs.

Or, of course, you could implement it directly into the Lissadron script and send me a PR :wink: . This might actually be something interesting for the norns architecture itself: meta-control/LFO’s for engine parameters…

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you might need to update your norns; Lissadron should be listed in the dust project manager.

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I think u can use yr double norns powers here w/ changes if you wanted, you’d just need two midi/usb converters, to get midi out and then back in


A very quick no musical demo. This script is probably the most underrated one on Norns. Amazing for instant melodic sequences and bass lines. I’ll try and post something to show it’s more Easel like qualities with slower tempo, rather than the quick arp type tweaking in this clip.


Here’s a more melodic one

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