List of good documentaries about music, composers, musicians

we have this thread already

but i love documentaries about music in general :slight_smile:

i made this playlist on youtube awhile ago



Who is Harry Nilsson (And Why is Everyone Talking About Him)?


Not electronic music but interesting nonetheless

This is just great:


love this man’s stuff:

still not that much into the music (maybe because I missed them the first time around?), but this short (15:30) documentary is incredibly affecting, even if you have no prior interest in their music… I just like sometimes watching good documentaries about interesting people… I don’t want to compare this to grey gardens because it’s obviously not at all that, just that some parts are “affecting” in much the same way… or at least in that their art is their lives, lived completely on their own terms… the music simply issues from this, perhaps this is what is so inspiring to me.

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Warmly recommended :
« Vagabunden Karawane » (Werner Penzel - 1979) - Krautrock group Embryo makes a musical trip by bus through Iran, Afghanistan and India during 1979.


I saw this yesterday, and I must say that it completely blew me away. Highly recommend. If you haven’t heard the album, check it out. And then catch this film while it’s still in theaters.

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this looks good: carmine street guitars. he makes guitars out of wood from old buildings in new york:


Cool (but long) documentary on the budding German techno scene in the 80s and the impact it had on not only techno but electronic music