List of good electronic music documentaries



after seeing the 1 line review post about brian eno’s imaginary landscapes, i thought it might be good to collect a list of all the extant electronic music documentaries that are worth watching, so, here’s a start. bonus internet awesome points for anyone that unearths little known treasures.

Kraftwerk and the Electronic Revolution

I Dream of Wires

What the Future Sounded Like

Brian Eno - Imaginary Landscapes

Moog - A Documentary

Bassline Baseline (TB303)
(i haven’t watched this yet, it may indeed suck, or not)

The New Sound Of Music

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List of good documentaries about music, composers, musicians

BBC Synth Britannia


KQED Spark, Loren Chasse


The Krautrock documentary is really incredible. It’s not really an “electronic music” documentary, but there are a lot of interesting tangents that involve electronics.


This isn’t an electronic music documentary either, but something about working in Max / coding / computers always ha me curious about where modern electronics came from, this offers some explanation about transistors.


A Documentary about live coding practise by Louis McCallum and Davy Smith.


Here’s a video that is not the “Alchemists of Sound” - one of the better documentaries of the early days.


Just watched this amazing bit last night. It’s from an old TV show, so it’s short, but man, so amazing. The state of MIDI in 1986!


Not about electronic music but about sound in general.


fad gadget.


oh, and (general avant-garde, but lots of electronic - so good, so so good) -


This radio 4 doc on Delia Derbyshire was a good listen


My favorite has always been Discovering Electronic Music:


countless reasons to love this documentary about depeche mode on tour. 1988 yes yes.


more / incoming !


I Dream of Wires is now on Netflix.


Universal Techno (french tv)


shocked it wasnt here already



Not about electronic music exactly, but about someone that contributed to it too…


The subsonic series was good:

6 half hour episodes looking at various experimental acts from around the world, produced in Australia.