List of good electronic music documentaries




excellent series

i’m finished this and dove into the one on adam asnan


just saw ‘a portrait of arthur russel’ mentioned above, very good!
anyone some new discoveries?


This one is really great! Just wish it was longer and more in-depth. This documentary was my first encounter with Elaine’s music, and still something I come back to on a regular basis.


good? not sure
music? hmmm

since i’m a vandal this goes here anyway


Not a documentary as such but an interesting glimpse into the world of Karlheinz Stockhausen in the form of a tour of his studio at WDR.

Part 1 below. There are 5 parts - watch on youtube and the others will be in the right hand sidebar.


really enjoyed this. creative


Originally from Belgian television but with English subtitles.


Not a documentary but kind of lecture/presentation/q&a about the history of Serge.


julian cope!

not about music, but has great music. and is great all around. especially if you like rocks.


'the natural temple, as j.cope says


I’m a big Julian Cope fan, but haven’t seen this. Thanks @tehn


this is important


when will the documentary about monome (brian crabtree and kelli cain, who create adaptable interfaces: versatile tools with flexibility not as a feature but as a foundation) and the lines community come into existence? :slight_smile:

edit: an shared effort? the lines community documentary project?



this is really at the core of SOUND + PROCESS. living document of a very alive community. while the forum itself represents this in real time, S+P is meant to be a digest and a spotlight.

video documentation is a substantial and real goal. i love the idea of the community-built and shot documentary – individual chapters that illustrate the whole? so potent.


yeah exactly what i thought!


A very interesting ARTE documentation [german/french tv] about how Berlin became a hotspot for electronic music during the german reunification in the early 90’s.


“Dub Echoes” by Bruno Natal
…not exactly an electronic music documentary, but the documentary explains the impact of dub on todays electronic music very well i think…


you must have a really strict definition
i think your post fits this thread perfectly (surprising that anyone would doubt it tbh)