List of good electronic music documentaries



ok great, thanks…in this case :palm_tree::snail:

THE KING JAMMY’S STORY (King At The Controls) Full Documentary


Short video about Walter Giers, who I had never heard of prior to stumbling on this:



an old link to a list of superb electronic videos I’ve had saved in my bookmarks for some time.

This thread inspired me to seek it out, thanks OP!

Some great bits and possible rarities?



I Dream of Wires was interesting and some of my first exposure to modular and it’s applications.

Tangentially related is the Red Bull documentary series, Diggin’ in the Carts. The show details the progression of video game music in Japan from its beginnings to the early 00’s. There are a bunch of musicians that talked about their stories and inspiration by the music.


Fun series. Did you spot Just Friends?! :smiley:


I really enjoy the music from these games and the lush background is quite soothing on the eyes! Yeah Just Friends looks like the original over here.


this is something very close to my heart

been eagerly anticipating the release for several years since the first previews came out


so much great stuff in this prince fatty dub mixing class. not exactly a doc, but this seemed like the appropriate thread.


I loooooove me some Arthur Russell, but this video is autoplaying whenever I load this page?!


I just saw the Suzanne Ciani documentary A Life in Waves. It was full of interesting anecdotes and I came away with a lot of respect for its subject.


Planning on watching this on the weekend:




Not sure if this has been posted yet, but the Real Scenes series by Resident Advisor is fantastic. The Berlin episode is my favorite so far.


Rhythm of Time, an online documentary that also features an interactive sequencer and modular synth maker Suit & Tie Guy:

Full disclosure, I created the doc.


A good audio documentary is the 6-part Mad Scientists of Music that was broadcast on Near FM in Dublin. It covers everything from circuit-bending to chip tunes to maker spaces to copyright issues to multiple experimental music communities that don’t talk to each other.



Little Doorways To Paths Not Yet Taken: A Short Film About Laurie Spiegel
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