List of good electronic music documentaries



Wow, that’s absolutely wonderful - I hadn’t seen that before


Haven’t seen this one, just came out, seems promising!


This excerpt from Practical Electronica about FC Judd’s work is exciting! Anyone know where I can find the whole thing?


From our own @TomWhitwell

More of a pre-history of electronic music. Definitely interesting hearing about the individuals behind the silicon.


From the same event, here’s James Carruthers - a really interesting talk on the internals of modules, the difference between analog & digital modules, and how to go about designing and making something useful:


Wow some great stuff in here. The dub documentary was awesome! Also really enjoyed the short Elaine Radigue vid! I remember watching that 303 documentary a year or so ago and the narrator is so dry and unenthused about the whole thing! Considering how much of a rave/techno/house classic that synth is i thought it was pretty damn hilarious how nonplussed he comes across throughout it :joy:


Just clicked play. Whoa, the opening shot is filmed 500 m from my house. gulp

Caught me off-guard :sweat_smile:


Just finished this one last night. Really excellent interviews with an artist I’m disappointed to say I’ve never heard of before.


This was an excellent documentary. I loved how they used Bartlett’s diary and letters to narrate the story. I wasn’t familiar with his work but found the lack of attention and interest to it during his lifetime to be quite heartbreaking.

The struggle is real.


This is really wonderful - well worth the £5.99 to stream it, I think.
There’s a great scene early on with David Tudor, David Berhrman, Alvin Lucier, Gordon Mumma all chatting at the Stony Point Artist Colony in 1971, a bit of Subotnick jamming, Max Neuhaus rigging up Water Whistle in his trunks, Steve Reich developing Drumming (singing himself) in front of a very bored-looking bunch of mates, the Philip Glass Ensemble rehearsing ‘Music with changing parts’


Wow this looks great! Thanks for posting


also, love the parts with Joe Jones.


Thanks for sharing. Good stuff! Enjoyed the talk w/ the sonic arts union very much. Does anyone know if the building (at stony point) still is an active artist “colony”? Couldn’t find any info on it.

Here’s another documentary I just found, focused on a similar subject, sorry if it’s been posted before… about to watch it now :slight_smile:


How do you like MUBI? I just find out about it through your post and it seems really cool and much better than the Netflix original series onslaught


I really love Mubi so far. It’s a great combination of well-curated choices and limitation. The films disappear after 30 days so there is a great incentive to actually watch the ones you want to see. It solves the aspirational viewing problem of a lot of streaming media: “Oh, I want to see that film (or I feel like I should see that) so I’ll bookmark it but then in the end I never end up watching it.”

They are raising their prices to $8/month soon, but still totally worth it.


A short documentary/insight into the Finnish noise scene that I found interesting. English subs.

Be advised - some sensitive content!


Great Radiophonic Workshop Film:


Upcoming documentary about the cassette as medium. I believe the guy behind Landscape (stereo field, hc-tt, etc) made the soundtrack for it. Seems interesting. More info at:


On BBC Four tonight at 21:00 GMT. This week is California / La Monte Young and Terry Riley, next week New York / Philip Glass and Steve Reich


just in case someone wants a jump on that BBC series:

link to a particularly excellent moment: