List of good electronic music documentaries



Nice BBC doc about La Monte Young and Terry Riley for those in the UK


Totally enjoyed watching this last week. If future episodes are as good, this series will be a real treat!


2nd was great also. Shame it’s only 2 episodes long…
Also totally didn’t spot @jake 's post!


yup, +1 - enjoyed these a lot. If you can get a VPN to the UK, I recommend hunting these down.


Yep, really enjoyed this. Between this and some of Neil Brand’s documentaries BBC4 are on a roll.


This isn’t purely electronic music, but since Milton Babbitt spent a lot of time pioneering an academic approach to synthesis in its very early days, I feel like this documentary about his life should be mentioned here. But really, who cares if you watch?


@Jake Thanks for alerting me to that, really enjoyed the first episode!


Welcome! I finally watched the second one and enjoyed them both a whole lot. I previously didn’t know much at all about La Monte Young, the Moog/Buchla East/West differentiation, a bunch of other stuff – I imagine the doc may have simplified things but it definitely got some pennies dropping in my head!

Apologies for another beeb link, but I caught this review on Radio 4’s Saturday Review (around 33:00 in) and one point raised was that Charles Hazelwood said in the program that Minimalism is arguably the most important form in the 20th century, but didn’t go on to lay out those arguments. I hear that, and maybe he could have justified the statement better – or at least explored further the hows and whys of Minimalism’s wider influence and cultural significance. Perhaps a longer series would have been able to dig deeper. Regardless, I thought both episodes were a really great introduction.