List of good electronic music documentaries



Has anyone seen the Conny Plank documentary? Seems interesting


thanks for sharing, that was a very nice encounter


Thanks for posting this- I watched it last night and really enjoyed the landscapes, the music and Cope’s sense of wonder and enthusiasm. I’d really love to read his book on megalithic Britain.


Two documentaries I saw recently.

Interesting not so much for the music (not so much because of the genre, but because the documentary is not really about the music) but because it gives an insight into the perverted dynamics of the musical star system and indirectly helps to make sense of AVICII’s recent and highly premature death.

Saw it a film festival here a couple of weeks ago.
It’s a bit of a strange film. Some people found it long (boring) and structureless. To me Sakamoto’s aura and many of the the themes touched in the film made it a very interesting and compelling view.


I just watched this. Thank you so much for posting! So inspiring


an excerpt from ‘Kick That Habit’, a (fantastic) short film about Voice Crack:



Both of these are dope. Chicago represent!

I’m off to go look up Voice Crack. That performance was wild. Definitely along the lines of Emptyset’s newest and other dark electo-acoustic, sonic heaviness.