List of good electronic music documentaries



funny, I had the exact opposite reaction… noticed his EMS Synthi, thought to myself why would anyone record ambiences with their iPhone??? if an iPhone is ‘good enough’ for ambiences of the real world, why bother with the expensive mics when recording his bowed cymbal etc? Why not use his iPhone then too? It seemed incongruous to me… Also noted he used a handheld recorder at times, so guess it is just convenience (ie the best camera is the one you have with you etc etc )

update, also just thought he did KNOW he had a camera & presumably production sound recordist in the room with him, so he could access hi rez recordings of whatever his iPhone was pointed at (which is apparently what he did for the tsunami piano recordings)


a good friend Trevor Pinch lecture about synths (moog/buchla/ems)
Lovely stories from the old days.


While it’s not 100% about electronic music (though largely is), I thoroughly enjoyed Press Pause Play this week. It’s one of those films that really motivates you to get into the studio and hit record. Also it’s free on Vimeo.


that was cool! thanks for posting


Not really electronic, but anyway…


Via Synthtopia.


This performance of Dolmen Music is one of my favourite things ever:


I love the work David Sylvian did with this crew. Very inspiring…


there’s a full feature film about the “composer” Peter Vogel as well but i’m not sure if it’s available online…….love this kind of interactive stuff.

List of good documentaries about music, composers, musicians

with recent rumblings on the forum about Tony Conrad, I was reminded of this great documentary I had the pleasure of seeing the LA premiere of last year, accompanied by a nice Kim Gordon performance and a Q&A with the filmmakers and Gordon moderated by Henry Rollins! : - )


watching this tonight and loving it.


This is a great documentary - haven’t actually watched for a while thanks for the the reminder!