List of good electronic music documentaries


Looking forward to seeing this one:
'A documentary following a daughter connecting with the father she never got the chance to know through a rare synthesizer from the ‘70s’

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hi gang,
totally realized I’ve never mentioned this before! This doc changed my damn life and changed the way I look at music. I’m pretty sure all of it is up on youtube too so it’s easy access. Figured some of you may enjoy!


Made me think of Step Across the Border as I started watching and then Frith showed up too. That was one film that changed many things for me when I was 21 or so… a hundred years ago. Maybe it’s been mentioned already.


I :heart: Incapacitants!!!


In this context also worthwhile to watch is Glennie’s TedTalk.

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I’m going to assume that you’ve already seen this Iasos doc from 1979, but just in case you haven’t…

I often revisit this one whenever I’m having trouble sleeping and need to take my mind off of whatever is bothering me.


Well, not a electronic music documentary but surely interesting. The quality is really bad but still one can follow the words. Here is @tehn in 2009 sharing ideas on the grids, production, design and lots more.

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Entertaining documentary about synths/electronic music in the Soviet era.

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Gonna watch this NEU! doc in a minute

Swedish tv, not sure where it can be streamed - but I’m sure you’ll find a way to watch it if you’re interested.


Really interesting read, thanks for posting! I’m no one to say who should or shouldn’t be included in a minimalism retrospective but many of the names listed in that article are very familiar to me and in many cases carry far more inspiration for me than the four that the doc focused on!

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