Live 9.2Beta/M4L - clip.ram_mode/Max 7

I’m a longtime Arduino/MLR user and also work @Ableton.
There are a few things going on with Max and M4L that I thought might be of interest to the community.

We just added some new M4L API features to the Live 9.2 beta that may be of interest to makers of MLR type apps.

Specifically we’ve added clip.scrub, clip.stop_scrub(), clip.ram_mode.

clip.ram_mode lets you turn a clips ram mode on and off through the API. Most of the MLR style apps I’ve seen that use Live clips require that you turn on ram mode for all clips. This new feature will let you switch it dynamically on the fly so you should be able to build a more complete MLR type solution using Live clips. There will be some more info once the 9.2 version is actually released but I thought this might be of interest in the meantime.

Also, whilst not officially supported just yet it may interest Maxers here that Max 7 will work as the editor for Max For live if you have Live 9.2 Suite and download Max 7.0.3, you don’t need a separate Max 7 license to use Max 7 with Max For Live any more.

Hope some find that info useful.


Hi Dylan,

I have Live 8 but Max 7. and am thinking about using M4L.

Will M4L work with all the bells and whistles, or will i need to upgrade to Live9 for M4L ( Max7 version) to work?

sorry but the interdependencies of Max, M4L & Live and the various versions are a bit confusing…

I have a feeling max 7 won’t work with Live 8 at all, it’s likely untested though.

Max for Live in Live 8 Suite was based on max 5, 6.0.8 works but you need a standalone max license.

If you want to use Max 7 as your Max for Live editor you’ll need to upgrade to Live 9 Suite I think.


hi guys. I bought a few days makes a monome 128. I need help please , I managed to make it sound with monome sum, but I am not able to do with Ableton I have 7up and M4L but I can not connect . you know how to do ? thank you very much .

9.2 is out today. Has anyone had a go building a clip chopper?

I think Myr was working on an mlr port that uses this feature.

looks great.

i made something pretty simple last night just to learn how it’s done and test it out. pretty cool this lets u chop midi clips too.

So there’s this myr output:
Pretty cool albeit not monome-aimed.
Works just fine with insanity for the time being.

One of you geniuses is gonna hook up a legit clip-mlr real soon, I can feel it! (Here’s looking at you elquinto.)

I’ve been enjoying every iteration of a comparable tool leading up to this point, but the real deal has just about arrived upon us lucky, not-so-smart players.

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People have been getting busy already, nice.