Live at the Emanuel Vigeland Mausoleum

I recorded a short live set in the Emanuel Vigeland Mausoleum in Oslo, Norway last month.

Every year, some friends I met through the message board organize a meetup in Oslo. We take turns playing short sets inside the mausoleum, and make recordings of it. It’s an awesome gathering and I’ve made some absolutely incredible friends through it.

This year I had to travel light, so I did the entire set with an iPad, norns (running MLR), and a grid. The room is incredible. It’s about 8500 sq ft, completely enclosed and dimly lit, with frescoes covering the the 70ft(ish?) ceilings and walls. The ceiling is smoothly arched, which gives the room over 15 seconds of natural reverb. Recordings were captured with a pair of field recorders, one close to the amp for a dry mix, and one a bit further away to capture the room. Mixing and mastering courtesy of Ed Pettersen.


Interesting - I visited there last summer and brought along my portable recorder. Got some great recordings of the door opening and slamming shut, absolutely soaked in the reverb of the space.
Will check out your recordings.

It’s an awesome space, you really hear everything. The smallest sounds just become these huge splashes. The room also has a few frequencies that tend to cause some pretty intense resonance, so it was quite interesting to have to adjust your sounds a bit to tiptoe around that!

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The murals are pretty gnarly also!

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beautiful - really enjoying it! :headphones:

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