Live Code Summer School, 30 Aug - 1 Sep 2019, Sheffield UK

Live Code Summer School at Access Space/DINA Sheffield UK
30 August - 1 September 2019

Learn to quickly+easily make algorithmic patterns with Hydra (for visuals) or TidalCycles (for music) in workshops lead by their creators Olivia Jack and Alex McLean. Hang out with other nice people in the fine city of Sheffield, one of the crucibles of electronic music, with the rugged Peak District national park a stone’s throw away

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There’s also this one in Hamilton Canada next month:

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Ooooh - very interested in this!

I wish I could go to that, Hydra + Tidal is a killer combo.

I don’t know anything about either - the only coding I’ve ever done is html/css/pl/actionscript but I’m fascinated by it

This looks interesting. How necessary would the Friday night be. No way I could make it for the beginner session unfortunately.

The idea is to distribute beginner workshop materials in advance so that confident beginners can still participate if they can’t make the Friday. You’d need to get the software installed yourself though

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BTW we’ve added FoxDot taught by its creator Ryan Kirkbride to the lineup too!

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For anyone new to Livecoding, here’s a great talk from Ryan Kirkbride, the creator of Foxdot.


wow this is amazing!