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Spent the day making a tutorial to get Tidal MIDI routed into Ableton Live (on Mac), including a workaround for clocking Live from Tidal. The first 2/3’s is applicable to any DAW, though, as it just goes through the steps necessary to route MIDI from Tidal through the Mac.

Hope this is helpful for anyone just starting with Tidal or looking to integrate it into their current setups!

(visual style obviously/lovingly ripped from the monome demo videos)

Tidal Fights

sweet, thank you. That’s exactly what i want to do.


everything makes sense but i’m getting an error while configuring tidal to recognize my devices
i’ll try again later


:confused: dang. lemme know what happens!

@shreeswifty, did this work on your end?


Here’s a medium post I wrote about live coding recently
I just started writing on medium, all feedback very welcome


Great medium post, thanks!

One of the things I love about tidal is actually dirt-samples. I wonder if our “tidal fights” thread would work so well without a standard library of samples to work with. I have a thing on my todo list to explore a bunch of other live coding setups (just curiosity mainly), but I’m already anticipating that if they lack something like dirt-samples, they’re not going to hit the mark so nicely.


Been playing around with Overtone tonight, and while tidal’s support of dirt is nice, Overtone has freesound support, which is also pretty nice. But what Overtone lacks is tidal’s notions of patterns. Tidal patterns are just so immediate for defining rhythm. I’m having a little more trouble using them for melody and harmony, but I suppose that’ll be my next challenge.

I’m also pretty excited to try gibberwocky, but once you drag Ableton into it, it doesn’t really qualify as “forum music” any longer.


@yaxu not quite live coding, but close… any news on the Oxford Handbook on Algorithmic Music?


OHAM is still going to be a few more months I fear, looking good tho!


Nice one! Am I going to have to start saving up for crazy academic book pricing?


Other live coding languages with interesting pattern languages:

as well as supercollider itself


I think it’s not going to be cheap :confused: but it will be a large book, and authors will be able to share preprints


You might want to try out MUD for patterns in Overtone, doesn’t seem to be as elegant as Tidal’s though.


Ooh, while investigating FoxDot, I ran across this:

This might be the best solution net for

Now back to trying to make FoxDot work…

Edit: Still having problems with FoxDot, but I just realized Gibber also allows for collaborative real-time editing.


that video is just beautiful. knowing just a little bit more about tidal really opens up just how masterful karlsson is. damn. thanks again for posting.


Yeah, he’s great. I’d also highly recommend the stuff he’s doing as part of devv:


Which video are you referring to, Dan?


@s_hamann posted it at the start of this thread – wild how a few months can open something up. karlsson’s work on this is just beautiful.


Thanks Dan, missed that one! Lovely stuff
BTW there are is an ‘official’ tidal channel on youtube with growing playlists:


can’t wait to read it. let us know when you have anything new to share!