Live coding


just saw this, might be interesting for those of you participating in this thread : International Conference on Livecoding 2017


Hi all,
Anyone in/near London, heads up that we’re doing a nice Algorave this Saturday:


Hi all I thought I’d share a talk I did on algorave and algorithmic dance culture:


Why do plain tickets to Mexico have to be so expensive :frowning:


There are four daily buses from Houston to Morelia, average fare $108, average trip duration 26 hours.


Ugh I’ll be living in Ohio by that time. Otherwise I’d definitely take a 26 hour bus ride.


The Algorave Twitter account posted this. Originally written in March and while I have yet to delve into the live coding stuff as I’m trying to stay focused on MAX only with computer work, there was still a lot that resonated with me. Probably even more meaningful for those of you who are actually live coding. Anyway, I find the whole scene super inspiring and fascinating even if I’m not really a part of it.


anyone interested in live coding with SuperCollider, I wrote this recently, a reasonably comprehensive guide on how I live code in SuperCollider.


I lead an Algorave/live coding studio at Parsons School of Design. I’ll report back with event details, etc.!


@jkbrogan please do!


Really enjoying your guide so far! I’m just getting through the introductory section…I love SC and I want to learn more about patterns and live coding and I’ll be reading your guide to start!

Also I am really into your views on free software and using libre distros. Thanks for sharing.


Just saw that this launched:


interesting piece


Another browser based live coding environment. The use of a piano roll to help visualize the results of the coding is, I think, a helpful learning tool.

A kind of meta-environment for Processing sketches that seems to imitate some Isadora concepts.


Some lovely ambient additive/granular synthesis.