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just saw this, might be interesting for those of you participating in this thread : International Conference on Livecoding 2017


Hi all,
Anyone in/near London, heads up that we’re doing a nice Algorave this Saturday:


Hi all I thought I’d share a talk I did on algorave and algorithmic dance culture:


Why do plain tickets to Mexico have to be so expensive :frowning:


There are four daily buses from Houston to Morelia, average fare $108, average trip duration 26 hours.


Ugh I’ll be living in Ohio by that time. Otherwise I’d definitely take a 26 hour bus ride.


The Algorave Twitter account posted this. Originally written in March and while I have yet to delve into the live coding stuff as I’m trying to stay focused on MAX only with computer work, there was still a lot that resonated with me. Probably even more meaningful for those of you who are actually live coding. Anyway, I find the whole scene super inspiring and fascinating even if I’m not really a part of it.


anyone interested in live coding with SuperCollider, I wrote this recently, a reasonably comprehensive guide on how I live code in SuperCollider.


I lead an Algorave/live coding studio at Parsons School of Design. I’ll report back with event details, etc.!


@jkbrogan please do!


Really enjoying your guide so far! I’m just getting through the introductory section…I love SC and I want to learn more about patterns and live coding and I’ll be reading your guide to start!

Also I am really into your views on free software and using libre distros. Thanks for sharing.


Just saw that this launched:


interesting piece


Another browser based live coding environment. The use of a piano roll to help visualize the results of the coding is, I think, a helpful learning tool.

A kind of meta-environment for Processing sketches that seems to imitate some Isadora concepts.


Some lovely ambient additive/granular synthesis.


Does anyone have any experience with live coding visuals? The info I’m finding is somehwat sparse. I just discovered Processing has a REPL mode but I have not tried it yet. That is the only visual programming environment I’m familiar with at all anyways.


Here’s one way to live code with processing.

Then again, the traditional IDE is already pretty great.


Here’s a fun (relatively) new browser-based one that is based on traditional analog video synthesis techniques:

A lot of existing live coding environments for visuals are geared towards live shader writing… not sure if that’s in your area of interest.

For example:
The Force:
KodeLife (by the author of TouchOSC):

Cyril is another good one that is -not- shader-based:

Oh, and livecodelab!

Gibber can also do visuals; end-user code is at a fairly high level:


try centiscript