Live & Indirect Sessions at Repeater Radio: E8 220918 Philippe Petit (feat. Antonella Eye Porcelluzi + Black Sifichi) Not Repeating. 18 Sept 2022

I’m commencing a new series of fortnightly radio programmes at Repeater Radio on Sunday 26 June 2022 with a pre-recorded session of my own at 20:00 BST (see the Repeater schedule for times in your geographical location).

They will continue the work of the Sonic Sound Synthesis modular sessions at The Neon Hospice as well as following on from the 14+ hours epic broadcast Winter Solstice at Repeater Radio, which embodied a similar thesis, but now in hour-long chunks rather than what might have been something of an endurance test, fun as it was to set up and participate in (and will probably happen again in some form or other).

The Live and Indirect Sessions will feature a wide variety of artists and styles, and the central premise is that they are generally constructed live (or are recordings of live events) and are broadcast at a later date, though this definition is somewhat loose and open to interpretation.

My own inaugural session is a an electronic (re)possession, a séance where time capsule cassette recordings layered and manipulated by Norns scripts meet modular meanders as the past is revisited and eviscerated in murky and noisy circumstances that have yet to be fully explained.

Feel free to drop by and chat in the lounge while the sessions are on air. Proposals for suitable* sessions are invited from all on Lines; just send me a PM to see if a suitable slot of up to an hour in length is available - and multiple-artist sessions of 30 minutes each are already in the schedule, so shorter pieces are entirely welcome, and possibly preferred if demand is high.


Suitable meaning programmes must exclude anything that is homophobic, biphobic, transphobic, racist, ableist, sexist or otherwise hateful, but that hopefully is a given with Lines people.

There’s now a rolling archive of sessions to date here.


Sounds cool!

Would home-recorded live to stereo modular explorations be of interest?

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Absolutely - please PM me to discuss further!

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Repeater Radio posse assemble!


Here’s the archive of the first session from last Sunday; details of the one to come are below…

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Tonight, in the second Live and Indirect Session of the series:

One of the questions that the Entropy Circus stream will address is what it means to make music. Not surprising because that’s been the only question we’ve been asking for the last five years, or maybe forever.

20:00 BST at Repeater Radio.

Archive to be added shortly.

Episode three will be Philippe Petit’s Multiversal session on 17 July 2022 at the slightly later time of 21:30 BST (this week only).

Philippe (@Modulisme) says:

My desire is to invite to breathe, to relax, to pamper the listener through the various stages of listening while at the same time keeping in mind how alienating and menacing existence may be, when the capitalist society around us is encroaching more and more on the human space.

The electronics are played on the Buchla 200 + EMS Synthi A analog synthesizers.

This is a special out of series episode; part one of two from Philippe, the second to be broadcast, with words from Antonella Eye Poculini, on 18/9/22.


Volume Two of Xylitol’s Pogo With Dolphins comes Live and Indirect to Repeater Radio at 20:00 on Sunday 24 July 2022. Expect gutter kosmische sounds.


Kyper Belt’s specially commissioned Songs From The Blue Hour comes to Repeater Radio on Sunday 7 August at 20:00 BST

Films flicker in a run down cinema, outside the rain is falling but nobody gets wet. In a hotel room there is an unmade bed and a red lamp illuminates some black and white photos of shop mannequins. There is the smell of perfume, some underwear, and an empty street below. Glasses half filled with wine, the darkness slowly begins to creep in, this is the blue hour.

Kyper Belt is Gary Parsons - Synthesizers, Piano, Guitar, Voice.

Update: There will be a bonus session of Norns-based synthesis deconstruction from Drift of Signifieds immediately afterwards as well:


Sunday 21 August 2022 finds MICROCORPS, AKA Alex Tucker in modular mood, bringing a Live and Indirect session to Repeater Radio at 20:00 BST. The session was recorded live at Cafe OTO on 5 August 2022.

All are welcome in the lounge too, where the mood is amicable and relaxed (with occasional discussion of midi thru boxes).

Absolute zero is the point at which the fundamental particles of nature have, for all intents and purposes, stopped. Similarly, psychic zero stations are places where all mental and psychic energy has ceased. They are an inversion or a reverse of the commonplace, a turning of the sock inside out. Yet, like Go in Monopoly, to pass through them can also mean to start the next round of the game anew.

DAONA invite you to join them for an exploration of these stations, with the expert assistance of very special guests Michael Serafin-Wells, Mike Rivard and Georgina Ragazza.

Sunday 4 September 2022, at 20:00 BST as usual.

As seems to be becoming a habit, there will be a supplementary session from me as DoS afterwards, with Three Études, where otherwise placeless meanders join together to become the sum of their parts in more or less in chronological order.

There will doubtless be chatter going on in the lounge if anyone wants to drop in for a natter.

UPDATE: The two sessions will now be repeated at noon BST on Wednesday 7 September.

Philippe Petit (@Modulisme) returns to Live and Indirect, this time with Antonella Eye Porcelluzi + Black Sifichi; Not Repeating at 20:00 BST on Sunday 18 September 2022. As ever, catch y’all in the lounge.