Live Looping with monome 256

Hello everyone. I do a lot of live looping, and since I have gotten into the monome world, I was wondering what the best way to loop live instruments through the grid would be. (if that makes sense) I am wanting to use something like mlrv, while adding live instruments to the mix. I’m still a beginner with the monome, so I apologize in advance if my question is a bit off.

Any help/tips would be greatly appreciated.



I don’t use mlrV, but i am pretty sure you can record in it.

I was in the habit of doing this somewhat regularly with mlr_cyst around 2010/2011. I always had the best results running that in Max 4.6 though – it was somewhat unstable in Max 5. I haven’t had a reason to try it in Max 7 since I don’t have a 256 anymore (and since I’m using Block Party regularly now).

If your computer is up for it, it would be pretty straight-forward to add another 8 rows to block party

I’ll definitely give mlr_cyst a try. Problem i have with mlrv and mlr_cyst, is that everytime i load a sample, for example, at 90bpm, i have to crank the tempo up to 180 for it to sound right. The tempos are all out of whack. Also, how would i go about looping live instruments with mlr_cyst?

geez, i just realized that i don’t think i even know where to find the last version of it anymore. it should have a file called _mlr_cyst_live.mxb (or similar), but the latest one i can find in the archives doesn’t have it…

that was a variant that changed some of the grid features… if i remember right, i replaced the loop in the bottom row with buffer controls, and i think the bottom-right button triggered recording.

and actually, thinking about it a bit more, it’s probably going to be wayyyy more effort than its worth to try to get that working (does max 4.6 even run on today’s operating systems?)

maybe it’s better to have a look at Block Party from The Party Van thread (here is the latest version) and see if the 8 row version meets enough of your needs to consider adding another 8 rows?

and how important is tempo/tight timing to your music?

I’ve been trying to use Block Party for this but haven’t quite cracked it yet.

I’ll definitely take a look at Block Party, thank you so much for linking it. As far as the tempo goes, I just want the drum samples (for example) I use, to be in sync with looping live instrumentation. I’m hoping I can do that with Block Party. I have a pretty complex looping setup alongside the monome, including a Roland GR-55 guitar synthesizer, Keith McMillen Kboard, Moog SubPhatty, TC Helicon vocal processor, 3 microphones, monome 256 and a Boss RC-300. Instead of using the RC-300 looper, I want to make make the 256 the looper(incorporating both electronic elements and live instrumentation)

Phew, that was a mouthful.


Block Party is good, but mainly for free sync stuff. If you want things to be in time/sync with each other, there are probably better options than that.

Worth having a play with either way though.

Block party as a M4L device with optional sync to Abketons clock - that would be something.

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Rodrigo- what would you recommend other than Block Party for looping live instrumentation with the monome?

there’s a live looping patch by sean pierce ( version two for the 256… ) From memory there’s sync… or at least first loop sets tempo… ? -its been a while…
was really fun and simple to use / set up… built in midi-learn for foot pedals…


great video of version1 here:


wintercat- I have mash2 downloaded, but am having trouble setting it up and getting started with it. No grid buttons lit or anything, just have the mash2 interface blank. Any pointers?!

The classic is mlr/mlrv, but I guess the apps are either built around sync being super important (mlr), or being super not important (tpv/bp).

Something like what @declutter mentioned, having an app inside Live, locked to a clock there, would probably be a good way to go. I don’t know what apps integrate that way though, as I’ve not used Live/M4L very much.

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Look for @elquinto 's Re:mix.
Great mlr for m4l; synced to live and everything ist midi-mappable.

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briefly: in the setup window ( right hand side last item… ) is the serial osc window. after you select the relevant grid … and the various options for audio routing and midi learn… vsts… etc… -click the audio toggle on the main window… should be good to go from there. I think that actual order is important.

I have a vague memory of @stevieraysean saying something about creating or saving a preset file first time you open the patch… hope that is at least some help. it’s been a few years since I last ran mash… till now. seems work ok on mac os10.12.1 and max runtime 6.4.

You need to recall the preset to begin with. That and select monome and connect it in the options.

Hey there everyone!
I’m a bit stuck on figuring out how to replace my Boss RC-300 Looper with the 256 and Ableton. Essentially, I want to cut out the RC-300 from my setup, and only use the 256 and Ableton for live looping(with the same functionality as the RC-300). Is this at all possible? I’m completely lost after doing tons of research, and can’t seem to quite figure it out. Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated.