Live Streaming Modular Jams General Thread

Streaming is in a lot of ways superior to traditional performance and recording formats.

This thread is for those who are interested in using streaming platforms to jam out with modular gear / live coding / generative art / etc.

Thought I would make this a general thread for announcements and discussion re: twitch / fb live / youtube live streaming lines related content.


I’m doing a test stream if anyone wants to hang out ? first one with eurorack modules. Feat my cat thelonious getting in the way o_o

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Coool. I’m hoping to do my first stream too in the next couple of weeks. Australia timezone as well.


Making some Lissajous in SuperCollider, if anyone wants to hang / chat / listen to some generative fm.


cool. Im not currently live streaming but this on of the only livestreams i have choose to keep public.

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some snippets from the stream last night here

Doing a first “test” steam now with music and video if anyone wants to check it out. Feedback is welcome!