Live streaming shows, or, life in the era of the coronavirus

The problem is if you have for instance an interface with more than 2 input channels OBS doesn’t let you decide which ones to use as it defaults to ch 1 and 2.

The other reason why you might need other software on a mac (such as iShowU) is that you can’t route audio from a DAW to OBS by default.

I’ve been trying iShowU and setting it up as a multi output device on mac along with my Focusrite to send audio from Reaper to OBS while still monitoring from the interface with great success.

You can also use the DAW to do some more specific routing and mixing even before it goes to OBS.

@robinrimbaud are you mixing your audio to stereo in hardware before it goes into your interface? I guess a better way of asking what I mean is: does your setup consist of more than 2 ins and outs? Maybe I am overcomplicating the setup in my mind.

I must say I would love to do a music performance stream myself and looking forward to joining as many of this community’s streams a s possible.


Maybe there is a way around this but I was only able to get OBS to capture audio created on my computer by downloading iShowU audio capture. It worked seamlessly with external audio coming in from an interface though

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If anyone wants to give me a follow I’ll be doing drone / ambient and maybe even some DJing on twitch for the next few weeks. Last night I was doing hybrid DJ / drone set by running DJ software through a bunch of modular effects.


the lads are doing a livestream for st paddy’s day for the next hour, some trad music :slight_smile:


Yes, I’m running all my audio into two channels of the Focusrite and that is fed into OBS. I intend to use a mixer and take the output from that and send it into the Focusrite. I’m basically trying to emulate what I’d use at a gig, and it would only be a stereo feed. Nothing fancy for me :smiley: Let’s see how it all works out on Saturday 21st then! :slight_smile:


trying out a lil experiment…


Really cool. Could you talk about your setup for a cooperative livestream like this?

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A helpful list for streams to people to listen to from DivKid

After my performance on Saturday 21 March at 4pm GMT I’m happy to answer questions you can send in on the accompanying YouTube Chat. I know so often at shows that people come up afterwards and want to learn more about what was used to create the sound, so more than happy to offer time to do that!


Hi, today at 8PM GMT+1 (should be 3PM EDT I think?) there will be stream at my radio: of electronic/ambient music played live by my friend ku_tzu:
If you are interested in Polish alternative music I invite you to give it a listen and there should be more live shows at page soon :slight_smile: Radio should work on any device that has web browser which support HTML5 (so win/mac/linux/smartphones/tablets etc. should do the trick).
EDIT: it is streaming right now :slight_smile:

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we’re on at 8 pacific tonight thurs
it’s on now live coding
socal distancing/digital contacts
lots of cool sounds on there :slight_smile:


it’s very simple. each artist has their own twitch account and the main leaving records account will act as the “switchboard”. twitch has a feature where you can enter a “set host” command in the chat room that will hard cut the video feed to another actively streaming twitch account. we’re all in a private group chat so we can communicate behind the scenes and let each other know when our stream is up and we’re ready for the switch to happen.

going this route to do our best to preserve sound quality and avoid double encoding/compression that would come with rebroadcasting.

if there’s a better solution that doesn’t involve paying $900/year to (aka vimeo) i’d love to know :slight_smile:


A friend and I are looking to jam, virtually, in the next day or so and I’ve been looking at software. We both will be playing guitars - some hand-eye coordination would be nice between the two of us. This seems close to ideal but I’m wondering about ease-of-use especially when it comes to setup. I think I can handle most things but I’m not sure about him. I’m on a Mac… no idea what he is on. You seem to have experience here so thought I’d ask!

On the client side setup couldn’t be easier. Just grab the installer from

If you’re familiar with Linux, setting up a NINJAM server is simple. You can also use mine at port 2049

Jamtaba includes webcam support but it syncs with your music, which is intentionally delayed in order to make things sync (with an offset) at the bar (for whatever definition of “bar” you might have). This means you will be hearing everybody else’s prior “interval” (NINJAM term) while you play your current one.

Before you play you agree on a BPM and a BPI. BPM is a familiar concept. BPI stands for beats per interval. I often pick 8. There are reasons for making the number larger or smaller depending on genre and intent.

It’s an approach that works well for repetitive or cyclical music. But you aren’t going to be seeing your friend’s hands in real time. The beats will be synced, but you will be seeing and hearing their past, and they yours.

Sounds confusing but for many common types of electronic music it just works. You really don’t even notice the delay because things are in sync.


Autechre are DJing now (15.30 UK time 20.03.2020)

I’m a product manager on Mixlr, so if anyone wants a hand with setting up a broadcast on Mixlr, feel free to send me a message directly.

Also very easy to set-up several remote locations from one account if that’s what you want to do!


Graham Dunning streaming his mechanical techno set now (21:07 UK time)

EDIT: It’s really good so far, highly recommended


It’s sadly right in the middle of the night for me but for people in Europe or America the time is manageable : Blanck Mass is going to do a livestream on Satudray 21st at 20:00 GMT.

Ben Powers is one of my favourite artists (loved his work in Fuck Buttons, love his solo work too), I bought some little things from him I didn’t already have on Bandcamp today, hopefully the live will be stored somewhere later.

So you can listen to Scanner / @robinrimbaud’s live, get something to eat/drink and then listen to Blanck Mass. Not bad for an isolated Saturday.

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so, many fine artists on this stream
we (k-blamo) got to be on it last night (gracias)
…had me thinking…
what would it take for there to be a livestream server?

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damnit, there’s this at 9pm GMT:

It’s like I live in London and have to choose one of three shows all over again :slight_smile:

(ht @disquiet)

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Sounds like a fun evening. I’ll try not to ramble on too much after my set then to give people a chance to grab a bite to eat and relax their ears :slight_smile:

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