Livecoding Workshop — Montreal, October 25th 2019

We’ll host a livecoding workshop in Montreal at Foulab on October 25th, at around 8pm.

We’ll be using the Orca language and IDE, to write some music, trigger some visuals and control some hardware. It’ll be beginner friendly, no need to have prior livecoding knowledge.

We’ll have some people to help you setup if you have problems.

It’ll be fun, see you there!

Rekka & Devine


This is so cool ! Any way we could get a livestream / recording ? Maybe post it up in YouTube so that people can go back and follow along ? It would be a great resource. I would love to come personally but I I live in the United States. Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:t4:

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Just curious, are you planning on giving any Orca workshops in the USA in the future?

@kin.sventa will try to get a good recording of the whole thing so it could be used as resource for learning!

I’d love to, but nothing official just yet. If you can facilitate that, get in touch :slight_smile:


Thanks everyone for coming, it was nice to meet people from the lines forum :slight_smile:


will there be any recorded video?


Maybe, in 20 characters.


Definitely always interested in live coding visuals, after learning about hydra.

thank you for doing this. it was great to get some insight into orca

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