Livecontrol Monome Live 8 Help Please!

Hi everyone,

I recently purchased Monome 64 Grayscale. After many days of stress trying to make it work correctly (due to my lack of undestanding), I finally have Monome_Sum, The Party Van, and MLRV all working!


Being never satisfied by leaving well enough alone, I downloaded the Livecontrol for Monome script and placed it in the resources folder as directed. The problem I have is, I cannot find any in/out to choose for Livecontrol. Obviously all my hardware midi ports are available etc… But I’m totally stuck!

I run Win 7 64
Latest Ableton 8

What is it I’m missing?

I almost sold my Monome a few days after receiving it due to total frustration, but I’m very glad I didn’t! My nature is to never give up and after over 15 years of using samplers, sequencers, computers, etc… That little thing was a damn challange!

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

I want to make some music with this this asap!

Thanks, and all the best!

I dont think livecontrol supports serialosc and therefore it will be pretty tricky to get it to work. Pages and Terms are two packages that do similar things to livecontrol that are more up to date.

@declutter is correct. check out terms.

Thanks a lot guys! Will do.

I had a hell of a time setting up all I have done so far due to the fact there is a lot of old info around on how to make things work using max/monomeserial/serialosc etc…

I must say I do love the little box now, and its a great fun tool.

I’ll check out terms today and see if I can work it out.

Thanks again!

I don’t have Max4Live so I take it terms is not going to work for me.

It seems Livecontrol for Monome is very old and has no support, so I guess I’ll shelf the idea of messing with that.

I have an APC40, Touchable3, Lemur app etc… So no need to be too greedy!

Eventually I’ll buy the Live 9 Suite M4L, and that should give me plenty more Monome options to explore.

I absolutely love The Party Van and MLRV. Those 2 things are worth the price of admission alone.


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