LiveOSC for Live 11 - pages dead? :_(

so, i’ve been using my 256, as the brain in my livesets for the last 10 years, running Pages, with the LiveOSC remote script, it was a great tool to control Live while playing with midi keyboards, triggers, faders and sequencers, a lot of functionality with one grid at the same time, specially with the quadrants page, that made a 256 work as 4 64s, can’t find nothing that beats it.
But unfortunately, now Live 11 does not work anymore with python 2, since they have updated it to python 3.
is anyone here in the same hole as me? does anyone here know how to update the script? i’d love to pay for it, I really need it.
If not, does anyone know an alternative way to have multiple pages on a 256? to trigger clips and scenes in a liveset and trigger FX, play melodies, at the same time?
thanks a lot!


Hey @pauk! If it’s as simple as updating the script from python2 to py3, i’m sure someone here can do it — just thinking people may not find it bc of the subject heading.

Perhaps you could post a thread in the Trade category looking for a python developer to do it. I have no idea how complex the update process is, but i’m certain someone can help.

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i might recommend getting a computer with an earlier version of live, freeze the OS, never connect it to the internet, and consider it a “finished” instrument.

the future of computing will only wreck your workflow.

(or, yes, you could hire someone to do a quick migration from python 2 to 3, but be prepared to do something similar again next time there’s an update of xyz)


This becomes the kernel of “teach a man to fish” mentality. But as many of us just either don’t have the time of the aptitude, this appears to be the second best option, sadly.

The slow march forward is on the bones of music and gaming software.