LiveOSC for Live 11 - pages dead? :_(

so, i’ve been using my 256, as the brain in my livesets for the last 10 years, running Pages, with the LiveOSC remote script, it was a great tool to control Live while playing with midi keyboards, triggers, faders and sequencers, a lot of functionality with one grid at the same time, specially with the quadrants page, that made a 256 work as 4 64s, can’t find nothing that beats it.
But unfortunately, now Live 11 does not work anymore with python 2, since they have updated it to python 3.
is anyone here in the same hole as me? does anyone here know how to update the script? i’d love to pay for it, I really need it.
If not, does anyone know an alternative way to have multiple pages on a 256? to trigger clips and scenes in a liveset and trigger FX, play melodies, at the same time?
thanks a lot!


Hey @pauk! If it’s as simple as updating the script from python2 to py3, i’m sure someone here can do it — just thinking people may not find it bc of the subject heading.

Perhaps you could post a thread in the Trade category looking for a python developer to do it. I have no idea how complex the update process is, but i’m certain someone can help.

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i might recommend getting a computer with an earlier version of live, freeze the OS, never connect it to the internet, and consider it a “finished” instrument.

the future of computing will only wreck your workflow.

(or, yes, you could hire someone to do a quick migration from python 2 to 3, but be prepared to do something similar again next time there’s an update of xyz)


This becomes the kernel of “teach a man to fish” mentality. But as many of us just either don’t have the time of the aptitude, this appears to be the second best option, sadly.

The slow march forward is on the bones of music and gaming software.

Hi, all. My afternoon of researching whether it’s possible to use my Arc2 as a MIDI controller led me to the pages app. But I couldn’t complete its setup (Mac OS) since Live 11 doesn’t detect LiveOSC, and so my searching ultimately led me to this thread.

It seems like there’s not much steam behind this, but I wanted to throw my hat in the ring. I’d love to be able to use my Arc2 for something, and pages seemed like the best candidate.

GitHub - monome-community/returns remains a very good midi cc router

I tried that earlier today, but wasn’t able to get returns to run in the latest Max. I had a similar problem with a few other Mac apps that I tried, so I figured they were just too old or something. I’ll revisit that. Thanks, tehn.

@dan_derks have you seen issues with the latest max?

Correction: I was wrong. I was able to get returns to run in Max. The problem I have is that the area in the app that should list the arc drop-down list is absent. I confirmed that my Mac can see my Arc2 with the monome_test_5.maxpat app, so I’m not sure why returns isn’t showing the device drop-down.

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huh, super weird – you have the monome package installed? that’s the only thing i could imagine going weird, since patches wouldn’t usually come with their own copy of serialosc.maxpat (returns, at least, doesn’t).

just tested with Max 8.2.0 + MacOS Big Sur 11.6

happy to help with additional info! :slight_smile:

Hey, thanks for the tip, @dan_derks! I updated my installed monome package, cleaned up a bunch of older serialosc.maxpat files that were cluttering my Max path (an old one from 2013 was getting loaded), and then re-ran the returns patcher. Voila!

So returns sees my Arc2 now and responds when turning the knobs. I haven’t gone beyond that yet, but I wanted to report back.

Thanks for putting me back on track!

Update: Everything’s working great with returns. I only had to do a few more things:

1- Enable the IAC Driver in Mac OS’s Audio MIDI Setup
2- In returns, set the MIDI output to IAC Driver
3- In Live’s MIDI settings, enable ‘Track’ and ‘Remote’ on the IAC Driver (input)

Now I can map arc2 movements to parameters in Live as well as controlling soft synths loaded in Live. That’s exactly what I was after! Thank you @tehn and @dan_derks. A shout-out to @ithkaa too, as I stumbled upon his awesome ArcM4Lpc and ArcM4L_AMT devices while I was figuring stuff out, and learned a bit more as a result.

Side note since it sorta relates: While working on this I figured out a simple workaround to an annoying (old?) Live bug where recorded automation gets disabled upon playback (apparently some errant message can be falsely interpreted by Live as a manual parameter change, which disables automation). Anyway, simply duplicate (⌘-D) the track with the recorded automation, make sure the automation on the new track works, and then delete the original track.

Not bad for a Monday.

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>unfortunately, now Live 11 does not work anymore with python 2, since they have updated it to python 3

Noob here, but came across this thread and wondered if this suggestion might work to help get Pages going in Ableton 11…

“here is a simple solution, just use pip 2to3 converter”

After running the command to convert the contents of the “User Remote Scripts” folder, I now see the entry for “LiveOSC” at least. Windows 10.