LiveOSC -> Live 9 lag

Hi there !

First thanks for LiveOSC ! I was trying to control Live BPM via OSC for a while with no luck and Thanks to LiveOSC, I’m able to so ! and that’s great. (I’m controlling BPM with values sent from vvvv)

everything works fine so far, I send values through OSC from vvvv (using the address /live/tempo and port 9000) and my tempo in Live is moving accordingly to that !

the only problem I got is that LiveOSC seems to make Ableton laggy.

For example, I start Ableton without LiveOSC as a Control Surface, and everything is fine, (ie track volume Vu meters are moving smoothly) then I put LiveOSC as a control Surface and everything become laggy, without sending or receiving anything via OSC, just by adding it as a control surface.

I installed Python 2.54
and I’m using loopMIDI as a bridge for LiveOSC in ableton (I also tried with LoopBe, and get the same lag problem)

Any Idea where the problem could come from ?

I. Not sure where the lag is coming from. But since you’re already rocking an older price of monome software, may I suggest giving Pages a go?

Pages uses live osc that you’re having the issues with and makes he interface to ableton from a standalone Java application, it also gives you the ability to connect and switch between external max applications as well as pattern recorders, and a whole lot more (groovy scripting… Eg Python ). The only reason I suggest this is because I have had great success with not only previous versions of ableton but specifically all versions below 9.5 (abandoned pages before upgrading to 9.5). It’s also worth mentioning ive been having success with a 40h kit and my current walnut varibright 128. Check it out!

Happy button pushing!

Hi !

Thanks for the answer ! That worked :smiley:

I took the LiveOSC(legacy) 8.0.5 from the pages-2 directory and no more lags in Ableton, perfect !
thanks again !

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You’re very welcome! So glad to hear things are worked no out for you now!