Ljudvägg - Transformation 12" (PEU020) (w/ codes)

Latest release and first vinyl from my label Purlieu Recordings.

‘Transformation’ challenges the boundaries of human and machine, the physical and the artificial, the feasible and the impossible. The result is a thoughtful and true emotional storm where the piano forms the basis for an opposite pole between sound and playing technique. When the sound is real, it is played with inhuman technology. When played by hand, the sound moves outside the spectrum of the physical piano. What role does “lying” play for the listener?
The music was created for and was originally performed in connection with Anna Kristensson’s exhibition ‘See Through’ (gallery FRANK, Malmö 2019). The fact that ‘Transformation’ is now being released on vinyl is the result of a loving collaboration between Ljudvägg, Arlövs-based Purlieu Recordings and Lamour Records (Gävle).

Ljudvägg (Wall of sound) has in recent years enchanted audiences with his unique feeling of combining technology and acoustics into an unmistakable sign. With the combination of piano and synths he creates sounds that will easily roar and then come together in a gentle harmony which lies as the foundation of his distinctive tonal expression. Behind the project we find Malmö-based Filip Forsström.


Another great release! :tada:

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five codes for lines.



Used j5nq-unmj and man do I love this. Thank you for sharing.

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Despite the abundance of abstract covers like this, I have to say that this one really caught my attention! Not an easy achievment! Great job!
Also used av98-hu8h, thank you so much for sharing!

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Thank you! Purlieu Recordings is a project where me and my wife (Linn Schrab) work together with our respective interests. I curate the music and she does all design and artwork.

Finally got around listening to the full album! It’s really a great release! I really like the sometimes uncanny (in a good way) feeling that emerges from how the piano has been treated, either sound-wise or playing-wise.
There’s a sense of having that piano there in front of you, but there’s always something making it unreal and artificial.

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I think this is exactly what Filip (Ljudvägg) wanted to accomplish. Thank you for sharing. I will pass this on to him.