Llllllll chat

I’ve been enjoying a few Slack communities lately, and was about to offer to set up a Slack for the lines community, but paused as I considered various problems public communities have been having with the free level of Slack.

That’s when I ran across Gitter, which seems like a more appropriate solution for an open source community anyway.

So I signed in, and realized, it was already set up! You can join us here:

For those moments when you feel you need llllllll to be a bit more “real time”.


there’s also #monome on freenode. we mostly lurk but that’s par for the course.


Yeah #monome is the lurkers chat :wink: So minimalist!

The muffwiggler irc is a lot of fun - very friendly.

it doesn’t seem to work here…

I believe you need to log in with a github account?

for further cross pollination - there is now a monome channel on Disquiet slack:


Looking for some new IRC communities since the ones i used to be in years ago are all died down! :’(

Wy not Discord or telegram?


Having spent some time recently dipping my toes into discord communities (turns out some creators I support on Patreon have discords!) I would love to see a llllllll discord (or otherwise) - especially in these times where some of us feel more isolated, a more ‘live’ / in-the-moment aspect to this community would be very welcome.


Bumping this because I too would be very interested in a Lines discord!


I would be interested in that as well. I would be willing to set it up, but I don’t want to step on anyone’s toes. Not sure if there is any protocol.

lines_community discord exists and has so far been used to coordinate the lines community streaming events.




Nice! Could I get the link?

there’s a lines discord server already: Llllllll chat - #12 by kirklandish


is the lines community server no longer active? i’d prefer that one continue rather than a new one be started.

The lines community stream server seems to be working fine for me.
The other one doesn’t work indeed.

eidt: It’s a bit sad that we have to rely on all these datamining, corporate-owned platforms, which always seem to me in stark contrast with the monome ethos and generally with the sensibilities of this community.


This was discussed somewhat elsewhere, but I would love to see a Monome/Lines Matrix room or community. It’s not perfect, especially since most of the clients available at the moment don’t provide a seamless experience for attaching audio files, but I use it a lot without much trouble.

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Could setting up a mattermost work/soften that aspect? Or is it a bit cumbersome? I know it lacks the audio discussion features of Discord but I don’t think we use those that much in the Live Community discord anyway.

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Just for the sake of completeness / cross pollination, just a reminder that there is also the norns study group which is hosted on discord.

It’s rather specialized, revolving mostly around making norns script (whith some channels dedicated to supercollider and crow).

Most of the action is set in live video events scheduled every week, but there is also some regular chit chat.

A better presentation + invites can be found on the norns.community wiki: