Location Scout - LS01 (all proceeds donated to City Harvest food bank)

Hi lines community,

I’ve released a collection of music today and all proceeds from the album will be donated directly to City Harvest food bank in NYC. Every $1 raised helps feed 3 New Yorkers and right now especially I know people could use it.

I’ve started a new recording project called Location Scout. I intend to use this as a writing and editing exercise to finish tracks/ideas I haven’t had a place for (instead of filling up hard drives with unreleased music). LS01 was composed using my modular synthesizer, various electronics and microphone feedback; mostly recorded live and then edited, mixed/mastered.

Some notes… Pushes Air was intended as one piece but I forgot about Bandcamp’s file size restrictions. The foundation for Crows was based off Steve Reich’s process for Pendulum Music, recorded/looped on w/ & Morphagene. These were both recorded live at IRL Gallery NYC.

Original artwork by Atlanta artist Danner Washburn. The additional pictures are spectrogram readings of the individual tracks.

I hope y’all like it and encourage you to donate if you can :v:

01 Vague Blue

02 Pushes Air

03 On a NC Porch, Midspring

04 Crows

05 Candlelight Wobble