Lockdown music - a piece a day during the lockdown

Hello. I’m in Denmark, which just got locked down due to the COVID-19 virus. I’ll try to make a piece a day for the entirety of the lockdown. I probably won’t be able to finish one every single day, but I’ll give it a shot. Here’s one for today. I’ll post them here as they appear on Bandcamp.

March 12 2020:

Function generators and computer.

All the best. Take care of each other.


i’m going to join in. also have to stay in starting today, in the netherlands.


Yes, feel free to join in.

March 13:

Today’s setup:


Would love to join, but will take care of my children instead.
Or maybe make music with them ?


March 14:

The setup:


oh I wish I could get xynthi working on my laptop.

can you explain a bit whats going on in the march 13 recording?

sounds good!

it does have an interesting vibe this semi-quarantine, ‘Debris’:

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kuorinki, it’s a contact mic, a broken speaker, a spring and some small objects. I routed the contact mic through the computer for processring and filtering and then back out to the speaker in a feedback loop. The little object is a seashell, lodged in-between the string (as the contact mic was as well). A certain sweetspots it would vibrate along with the spring, giving the impression of distortion.

March 15:

Today’s setup: the function generators and computer.



March 16:

Tape loops, harmonizer, feedback.


i was just thinking about doing thing the same thing…i kinda do these live noiz broadcasts nightly…
but now i am locked in The Noiz Temple avoiding the PLAGUE!
here’s tonight’s episode of LATE NIGHT NOIZ FOR LATE NIGHT FIENDS
using several noiz weapons with @Justmat MANGL and @dan_derks Cheat Codes:

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Ha. Got the same all Uher, but lost the plug. What are you using to power the system? Couldn’t find the info online .
And yes: beautiful sound!

I’m using the plug. I haven’t tried running it off batteries yet. I wonder if it’s less noisy using batteries. I’ve found this very useful: https://www.cryptomuseum.com/covert/rec/uher/report/index.htm

Wish I had that luxury, but since I work in the service industry I am FUCKED.

Where might Xynthi be found? Searching online has not lead to any sensible results.

Thanks in advance.

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I have found this tweet with a dropbox link: https://twitter.com/bhobrainey/status/1191805658213109760?s=20
(I haven’t tried it though)

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I got it from that link as well.

March 17:

A former companion piece to another piece. From September 2019.

20 characters of thanks!

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A short one.
I needed to something completely different today.
Metallic howls and scrambling noises.