Lockdown music - a piece a day during the lockdown

Hello. I’m in Denmark, which just got locked down due to the COVID-19 virus. I’ll try to make a piece a day for the entirety of the lockdown. I probably won’t be able to finish one every single day, but I’ll give it a shot. Here’s one for today. I’ll post them here as they appear on Bandcamp.

March 12 2020:

Function generators and computer.

All the best. Take care of each other.


The lockdown (officially) ends on the 14th of April. So here is the collection as it is: https://marchasselbalch.bandcamp.com/album/lockdown-march-13-april-14


i’m going to join in. also have to stay in starting today, in the netherlands.


Yes, feel free to join in.

March 13:

Today’s setup:


Would love to join, but will take care of my children instead.
Or maybe make music with them ?


March 14:

The setup:


oh I wish I could get xynthi working on my laptop.

can you explain a bit whats going on in the march 13 recording?

sounds good!

it does have an interesting vibe this semi-quarantine, ‘Debris’:

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kuorinki, it’s a contact mic, a broken speaker, a spring and some small objects. I routed the contact mic through the computer for processring and filtering and then back out to the speaker in a feedback loop. The little object is a seashell, lodged in-between the string (as the contact mic was as well). A certain sweetspots it would vibrate along with the spring, giving the impression of distortion.

March 15:

Today’s setup: the function generators and computer.



March 16:

Tape loops, harmonizer, feedback.


i was just thinking about doing thing the same thing…i kinda do these live noiz broadcasts nightly…
but now i am locked in The Noiz Temple avoiding the PLAGUE!
here’s tonight’s episode of LATE NIGHT NOIZ FOR LATE NIGHT FIENDS
using several noiz weapons with @Justmat MANGL and @dan_derks Cheat Codes:


Ha. Got the same all Uher, but lost the plug. What are you using to power the system? Couldn’t find the info online .
And yes: beautiful sound!

I’m using the plug. I haven’t tried running it off batteries yet. I wonder if it’s less noisy using batteries. I’ve found this very useful: https://www.cryptomuseum.com/covert/rec/uher/report/index.htm

Wish I had that luxury, but since I work in the service industry I am FUCKED.

Where might Xynthi be found? Searching online has not lead to any sensible results.

Thanks in advance.

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I have found this tweet with a dropbox link: https://twitter.com/bhobrainey/status/1191805658213109760?s=20
(I haven’t tried it though)

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I got it from that link as well.

March 17:

A former companion piece to another piece. From September 2019.

20 characters of thanks!

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A short one.
I needed to something completely different today.
Metallic howls and scrambling noises.