Logging in over HTTPS?

I’d imagine others here may have similar opinions, but this community is one of the few that I use that doesn’t load the sign-in page over HTTPS, and I think the only webspace that I participate in regularly that still sends login credentials in the clear.

So, is there any chance we can get some secure login action going?


Do you use Firefox for accessing? If so use Firefox with https everywhere plugin. Sorted.

thanks for bringing this up-- it hadn’t occurred to me that it needed attention given that SSO via google/etc was available. but yes, i need to buy an SSL cert and set it up. this will unfortunately take me a bit due to a lack of spare minutes right now. but we’ll get there.

also note that this is a completely unmodified version of http://discouse.org which all around is fantastic.

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This may be of use: letsencrypt.org. I haven’t tried to leverage this service myself but it is on my todo list.

I’m not using Firefox, but even if I were, HTTPSEverywhere only works if there’s an https:// url that resolves, and a related certificate.

@tehn thanks for looking into it when you get a chance :slight_smile: I agree that Discourse is pretty great, and a big leap from the old forums

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I just set this up on the Intellijel forum with the most recent version of Discourse, it wasn’t actually very difficult. I used the instructions here:

I can’t remember if lines is hosted on Digital Ocean or not, but that’s what I’m using there…

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HTTPS lives here now