Logic Pro X setup with Mark Eats Sequencer

I’m triying to find out how send diferent midi data channels from Mark Eats Sequencer to Logic Pro X.
By example, I have two Instrument Software midi tracks, (midi ch1 and midi ch2 in Logic, both with R track activated)
In MES have some patterns in two diferent pages (midi ch1 and midi ch2) but Logic receive all data in all channels.
It´s quite different from Ableton where you can select in/outs and midi ch.
Any idea about this?
Thank you

I’m only familiar with Logic 9, but the option you are looking for is “auto demix by channel” in midi preferences. Hope this is still an option as I plan to upgrade to X soon

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Yes, that is! It´s under Archive->Projects Adjustements->Midi.
Thank you very much!

Greetings everyone, I have a quick question and need a little bit of help with Mark Eats Sequencer. I’m using a 256 and running Logic Pro X. I have it up and running, but i’m having a problem with running different midi instruments through the sequence. I can easily run a drum sequence, and have that continuously looped, no problem. Everytime I try to switch midi instruments in Logic, and change the midi channel and pattern on MES, the instruments overlap each other and follow the same patterns. I’d like to have different instruments for each pattern, playing simultaneously(if that makes sense, I know my wording might be a bit scattered). Anywho, if anyone can point me in the right direction i’d be forever grateful!


Maybe this thread Logic Pro X setup with Mark Eats Sequencer helps you.

awesome! got it figured out, thanks so much znk! Another question…am i able to record/loop live instruments in MES? Say a guitar, bass, synthesizer etc…to record into a sequence and then loop? I am thinking somehow its possible, just haven’t quite wrapped my head around it yet.


No, MES ia a step midi sequencer, it has not audio capabilities…