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Started playing around with the new Logic update yesterday. CDM has a pretty good write up. The new step sequencer seems like it would be very lines friendly!

Each sequencer lane can be whatever note you want, and you can control probability, direction, time resolution, and loop start and end on a per lane basis. I also found sync-ing external gear to be a lot less fussy, which I’ve struggled with in the past, especially when using the “External” software instrument.

Can also do a lot more Ableton style arranging in Logic now, which is great cause most of our tracks always end up in Logic anyway for its superior audio-comping workflows. Anyway, worth checking out!


I’m curious to have members’ views regarding Logic Pro’s recent 10.5 update that now includes Live Loops which emulates Ableton’s Session view.


I’ve been using live loops and bussing the output of the track to another one and recording takes which I can comp together. I can sometimes get trapped in Ableton’s clip view for hours without actually making “progress” on the arrangement. Early days, but I think this newer workflow is helping me finalize and move forward.

The orientation being rotated from Ableton is a little confusing, but I can see why they did it.

I’m interested to see how dedicated Live users react to the update, especially regarding the loops and the sequencer as well. Asa Bitwig user, I’m used to have clips be arranged horizontally next to the arrangement, and Studio One actually got this very same step sequencer around a year ago, with not nearly the same fanfare from forums and press. Not a daw fangirl by any means, but it’s always interesting to see who promotes what and how!

I would say apple marketing has alot to do with that…

Longtime logic user here since 2005, not had a huge chance to dig into all the new stuff, im sure it’ll creep in. Glad everything is still familiar to keep my current workflow going.

I’ve started using Logic 10.5 in earnest recently, and colour me very impressed. All the newly added features are brilliant, and I’m very happy with my decision of a few years ago to not use Ableton Live (as great as it is). I very much feel like my MacBook Pro running Logic + iPad Pro / iPhone (both running Logic Remote) combo can wipe the floor with any computer or hardware based setup.

Note that I’ve been a Logic user for gazillions of years, so I’m very comfortable with it, and I feel like I’ve always just got it. Those transitioning from Ableton Live might be challenged, but its a definite two big thumbs up from me.

Now if I could only get my monome grid and arc to do something clever with the new step sequencer… … and find the perfect (affordable) MPE keyboard controller …


Haven’t quite dug into the live loops yet, but the sequencer and sampler revision is very welcome. A bit surprised though they didn’t go the whole hog and revamp the rest of the legacy instruments. My first recordings were with Logic in the eMagic days, when the software bundle would cost an easy grand! - the functionality and quality of plugins / instruments is outstanding, especially for the price… which for an apple product is an absolute steal.


Not sure about everyone else, but I found 10.5 release very buggy. Just lots of weird stuff happening in my projects, and lock-ups. 10.5.1 seems to have fixed all those and I really like it now. I really missed Simpler from Ableton, so I’m glad they ripped that off :slight_smile:

Hey all, wondering if you can help me.

I am using ORCA and love it. I am sending multiple midi OUTS in ORCA… But cant for the life of me figure out how to assign each of these midi outs to instruments in Logic? Would LOVE your help!

Thanks in advance!

I’m assuming from the lack of results in my general search that Logic Pro is not the favoured DAW, or everyone knows it so intimately, they do not have any questions?

Anyway, I recently made the switch to Logic and have a question which may be easy for someone to answer: if I wish to adjust the overall speed of a long audio segment and have it react just like tape, in that the pitch is also altered accordingly, what is the best method? I have tried flextime but it is creating an enormous cache of render files each time I make an adjustment. There must be a way to change an audio files playback speed without undue renders or calculations, as I am not interested in beat or pitch matching, etc.


ive been using Logic since uh 2002 when it was an Emagic product.

the way i do this basic/trad transposition is in Logics audio editor. drag a clip to the arrange window and double click on it, this should raise a window with a waveform from the bottom of the interface. from there: function->time & pitch machine. you can choose from different stretch algos or “classic” (which sounds like what you are trying to do). this will edit the file itself so create a duplicate or convert a region to a new audio file.

ive never used the flextime stuff


Appreciated…I will give that try tomorrow. I guess what I was hoping for is something like in Ableton Live where this is a non-destructive action, as I tend to explore numerous playback speeds before settling on a decision.

yeah I don’t think flextime is really as friendly as it wants to be but I don’t think Logic gives you an immediate option like that in any of the interfaces.

fwiw I haven’t played with the “Live Loops Grid” which seems like it’s trying to cop some Ableton energy so maybe there’s a path there for you?

You can also option click and drag on the bottom right corner of an audio region and stretch it as needed on the fly. Make sure Follow Tempo is off via the region inspector. There’s some other quick playback speed options in the region inspector.


This is not exactly what you’re asking for, and perhaps this is common knowledge, but in case others find it useful: I find the varispeed options in logic to be very useful for simulating a tape-like workflow. Slowing down an entire project (including software synths) can be eye-opening, and you can always bounce tracks at a lower speed back into the project after returning to regular speed. Fun! Use Varispeed in Logic Pro - Apple Support


You can preview before committing. But you can’t scrub through the audio file, so this can make auditioning a game of patience.

Consider it a stage of “mining for resources, where you bounce 3 or 4 versions, and then bring them all in and see what works best or how they work together.

Thanks for everyone’s suggestions. Based on tests this morning, using Flex in Speed (FX) mode, with Flex & Follow ON in Region inspector, does what I need. That combination also appears to avoid the creation of additional audio files in the project, which is great because most of my files are ~500GB, and I was quickly experiencing folders upwards of 20GB for single projects up to now. If I turn Flex & Follow OFF in the Region inspector, it goes back to rendering new files on each change.


ah glad to see that result and wondering where I’m gonna get to try it out

This all has inspired me to install Logic Pro X again and give it a shot while I’m traveling. I’ve heard great things about the busing system and the time flex stuff looks great. I’m guessing it wouldn’t replace my BitWig obsession, as, hot damn is that a solid program! But I love using different software for each song. Keeps me spry.

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Any other Logic users on an M1 machine and able to validate Soundtoys? They keep failing validation for me, and everything’s up to date and kosher in iLok. The plugins work just fine in my other DAWs.