Logic Pro X

I’ve run into the same issue. Unfortunately nothing in the way of a fix yet. Not really sure what’s causing it. From what I understand, AU’s should act as a wrapper for plugins without an M1 build so I don’t think that’s it.

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Try this? https://www.reddit.com/r/LogicPro/comments/nayga0/soundtoys_on_m1/gxwvmnu/

I tried launching Logic under Rosetta then validated the plug-ins which worked fine.

(I haven’t tried this yet, but happened to run into this comment as I was considering purchasing the bundle at the discount (as I do every year)).

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so I basically use a project serially: ie, clear old assets, add new, Save As, edit etc.

my project files (basically editing 2-4 *.aif’s with a handful of fx) had grown to ~4.75-5gb (so, greater than the sum of the assets, which are not included in the project save). whuh? I’m now going through some months of edits, creating a new project, importing the bloat project, saving back down to a 2-3mb project file size. FUN. luckily I didn’t start using X until April/May.

I’m getting an occasional error “Disk is too slow or System Overload” that causes recording to stop and obviously is giving me some grief.

I’m on an M1 Mini and the project is only recording a stereo track in a project with 12 tracks without much plugin load, so I don’t see how it could be a system issue. I’m recording to an external SSD but I have no issues with it with other programs so I’m at a bit of a loss. Does anyone have any insights into what’s happening?

you should get blackmagic ( ‎Blackmagic Disk Speed Test on the Mac App Store ) and profile the disk. If it is slow review how it is attached.

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Thanks that’s useful, I’m looking at 68mb/s read & write. Would this be slow to be working at 96/24? It is a USB 3.0 Lacie SSD going direct into a USB-A port on the Mini.

thats very slow. I would get a usb 3 to usb c cable. You should see speeds 10-50x faster. Look up the specs on your drive so that you can make sure you’re getting the speeds you should be getting.

Right of course, the drive has an average 5gb/s write speed. I don’t know why that didn’t register as obviously slow…I’m also unsure why I only have issues working on this drive in logic but who knows. Thanks again for your help!

The other apps and tasks you have tried have lower bandwidth requirements.


I’ve been invited to have a play around with a song at someone’s studio. They are logic based, and was wondering about what I would need to sync up my Norns. Just USB? Midi adaptor?

Any directions for how you would set it up with logic being the master clock?

Hoping to bring some CC and MLRE stuff to chop audio up

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Both logic and norns supports ableton link. So if you have a Wi-Fi you’re good to go.

There will be no Ableton… are you saying that Logic has Ableton link?

Indeed it does.

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Ableton Link have pretty good adoption rate these days. But it’s still very often mixed up with Ableton Live. Kind of when monome was synonymous with their grid (still are in some circles)

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Oh interesting! I didn’t realise that it was an outside ableton thing. Yeah, I used to think the grid was called monome.

It definitely doesn’t help my confusion by calling it ableton link, the wording makes me think it means if you’re using it in conjunction with ableton.

Thanks for the help

And your are still confusing Ableton with their DAW called Live. They also have an iOS app called Note and a controller called Push in their portfolio, apart from their wireless standard Link. :slight_smile: I did not know that Logic is also compatible with Link though. That’s good to know - thanks for bringing this up.


Hahahaha! Well, there’s a fine point!