London, any suggestions?


Elephant has excellent transport links so you’ll be able to get to other parts of the city really easily. If you download the Citymapper app it’ll give you integrated routes across buses, tubes and trains for wherever you want to go, and makes the otherwise pretty confusing transport network extremely simple to navigate.

The best venue in Elephant itself is Corsica Studios: Legowelt’s playing there next Friday.


Also for events more widely then RA tends to have the most comprehensive list of clubnights and electronic gigs:


i’ll be back in london again this year from march 16-23.

any london-based folks interested in putting together a show of some kind? i made it out to cafe oto last year and thought that would be a good place, though i have no idea how difficult or far in advance bookings tend to happen there. a friend also recommended a place called IKLEKTIK.

my live stuff is in the ambient/minimal vein, something like this isn’t a terrible representation.

regardless, would be cool to meet some lines folks while i’m out there!


I’ve heard good things about iklektik but haven’t been yet myself, couple of other options could be DIY Space or Rye Wax. From what I understand Oto get way more event pitches than they’re able to reply to let alone make happen, so I suspect that might be ambitious.

Finding good venues for grassroots music in London is getting increasingly difficult, to be honest, and attracting an audience when there are a million other things going on isn’t much easier. Even the friends of mine who’ve run critically acclaimed and popular club nights have been a bit ground down by it recently.

That’s not to discourage you, it’s still perfectly possible to create cool events, it just means you need to have a bit more of a think about exactly what you want to achieve and how much time & money you want to invest upfront.


@ehg thanks for all the info, super helpful!

looks like i’ll be playing at IKLECTIK on march 23, opening for robin rimbaud aka scanner:

would be great to meet any lines people while i’m in town (march 16-23). besides the IKLECTIK gig, i’m hoping to catch sarah davachi at cafe oto on either march 17 or 18.