Long delay plugin?

any tips on long delay plugins?

looking for something in the spirit of the EHX 16 second delay, or 4MS Dual Looping Delay…

clock sync’d - but loooooong

I’m a huge fan of Fab Filters Timeless. Can do two sets of up to 5sec but has a ton of controls, filters and lfo’s

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All of my plugins are on a 13inch screen, so they’re not that long…

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Don’t think it comes much longer than Augustus Loop:



No idea if it’s your thing or not, but if you’re looking for a straight digital delay, you could write up any time from milliseconds to millennia in Max or PD or something like that. It’d be very easy.

This reminds me of the Journey To Alpha Centuri, a computer game where if the game were actually played for three thousand years, the player would be rewarded with a message saying “Welcome to Alpha Centauri. Now go home”.


A nice little tutorial:

Another vote for this one.

thanks for the tip. i’ll try out the demo.