Long Life & Hors D'oeuvres? ||| Two New Pedals From Fairfield Circuitry

Hi Everyone. Fairfield Circuitry is announcing two new pedals today:

  1. “Long Life”: Which is a channel strip style EQ/Filter/Oscillator
  2. “Hors D’oeuvres?”: Which is a feedback looper/Eater Of Worlds

I’ve been testing the pedals for a few weeks now, and have made a few videos that explore each pedal. These videos are less “tech demo” and more focused on making some noises and letting you come to your own conclusions. I’ll link to them here. Anyway, these seemed like pedals that this community might enjoy, so I figured I’d post this stuff here. I don’t work for Fairfield, so I may not have all the answers, but am happy to answer questions to the best of my ability or kick around ideas (or try something that you’re curious about with the pedals).


This may be a bit extra, but I can’t help but think about how these two pedals plus a three-head tape machine would make an absolutely killer tape delay :stuck_out_tongue: great demos!


I absolutely love whatever you’re doing in the first segment of the third video.

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So I was like 40% right… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Hors d’oeuvres? looks like a fantastic update to Operator? and is pretty much and insta-buy for me.

At first I was “meh” about the idea of an EQ pedal, but after your videos I’m rethinking that. That resonant filter (yay TILT!) and the CV/EXP options make this really appealing.

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@renegog that never crossed my mind, but you’re absolutely right. I’m going to try it!

@Gexex thanks! Tensor was a really fun pairing.

@fever606 indeed! I felt the same way at first, but I’ve come to really enjoy it. Especially pairing it with, say, the Lyra-8 to add some control. But I also love its sound as an oscillator. For whatever reason, it sounds like a sine wave when triggered from my Keystep, but like a Saxophone when triggered from Crow :man_shrugging:

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Literally the first though I had when I saw these. Ive been wanting to modify my old Sony 3 head but this is a much better solution. Might still mod the motor speed.

Super keen to hear what you do with a 3 head tape machine in the feedback loop!


Really digging the sounds and interface of Long Life, I’ve used other EQ pedals in the past (Boss GE-7), but this seems a lot more fun and interactive. Also works for “tone chasing” which is something I’ve moved away from with my guitar playing but still indulge periodically.

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@renegog @cosmicsoundexplorer IT TOTALLY WORKS! Will try to film something on my lunch break.

EDIT: Here’s a video. Thanks for the idea!


So, I’ve been working on slimming down my setup lately, with some success, I might add. However, feedback is something that I’ve considered exploring recently, as I venture down paths less traveled. One question I have about the HD is – given the additional send/return jacks, is it possible to input a stereo signal using the main in and the return in? Does that even make sense? Is there a schematic or signal flow document available? Even if that’s not possible, I’m still enjoying the functionality and very tempted to go for it. Fairfield makes really well thought out gear.

It may very well be possible, but I’ll tell you- the feedback circuit definitely imparts its own character on the signal. So even if it worked, one channel would sound a little different. Not sure if that matters or not, but figured I’d throw it out there

EDIT: Here’s the manual.HD-specs-prelim.pdf (89.1 KB)

and, quoth said manual: “•Mix two signals into 2 distinct outputs” which sounds like good news for your use case! (Although I’m not sure you’d be able to go in in stereo)

Yeah, I totally get what you’re saying. Given that it’s feedback, I figured the results are going to be wild and crazy by design. Preserving stereo would be a nice to have, but not critical, depending on the result. I’m just trying to imagine ways to interface it with my various pieces (i.e. most having stereo outputs). Naturally, I could simply take just the left signal out, but trying to think outside the box here.

New Questions: do you have any examples of hors d’oeurve? being used in a “no input” situation? When nothing is plugged into the S/R jacks, I assume the signal flows through the internal feedback path, right? Cheers.

So, with nothing patched to S/R, nothing happens. But, with S patched directly to R, you can get some really crazy cool feedback.

The silence is me trying different phase polarities, and the pops are me touching the end of a 1/4 cable that I plugged into the input toward the end.


Thanks! Even in that setup, it makes for something that could be fun to play around with and explore. Inching closer to going for it.


Great demos. HD looks absolutely delish. I was thinking of getting an analog distortion to pair with my Zoia but this might be the more interesting option. Sounds great.

(And that Pretty John also sounds really good too. I’d had never heard of them. OT but have you tried it with synths? Does it hold up like a RAT would?)

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I sold my other distortion pedals when I got it :smiley:

I don’t use a lot of distortion, so take my thoughts with a grain of salt, but the Rail absolutely rips. It’s the most rounded, full-sounding distortion pedal I’ve ever played.

He’s a really good guy too, who has currently moved his operation to an airstream in the middle of an Oregon forest. I can’t say enough good things.


SOLD :slight_smile: (And his next one is called ROUS: Rodent of Unusual Size. Be still my nostalgic heart.)

And good on synths? I’ve found from the (few) distortion pedals I’ve owned not all are a great pairing with synths.


I honestly can’t comment on that, though I could see it being pretty extreme. It’s gnarly!

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Well, I ordered an Hors D’oueve? the other day. Looking forward to trying it out in a bunch of scenarios. I hope to see more examples on here too. I promise to post up if I come across something interesting.

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ordered the hors d’oeuvre almost immediately - have had a bit of time to mess with it and it’s really great, instantly adds some extra depth and possibility to any other effect, subtle depth or extreme alteration

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The guy who runs Pettyjohn electronics. I believe Fairfield resides in Quebec.

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