Long Life & Hors D'oeuvres? ||| Two New Pedals From Fairfield Circuitry

Anybody using the Long Life to sync up guitar and synth modulation? If not, can someone who has the requisite hardware do that and tell me how awesome it is?

Can someone point me to an example of the long life being fed back into itself either by the HD or any other feedback method.

Well, after fiddling around with the Hors D’oeuvre? (side note: one day I’ll type that correctly the first time) for a little bit, I can see why it would be interesting to put FX in the send/return loop. looping the send into the return definitely adds a wonderful feedback effect, but it begs for some modification. I have a lot of experiments to run, but dammit I have a feeling this pedal is going to be a gateway drug to more pedals to put in the send/return loop. I spent most of last year whittling down to just a delay/reverb combo that I use as a send on my mixer. I am a feedback guy now. Yep.

I need to refrain from spending after a few recent module purchases, but I’m really excited to pick up a Long Life up when I get the chance.

The CV inclusion is great, and I’ll absolutely try it with my synths, but I’m actually really looking forward to running my guitar through this and using it as an outboard type effect.

I’ve been hunting a characterful and portable eq/filter to make my guitar sound like it’s playing in another room/sealed chamber/under water for a very specific effect, and this looks ideal.

I’ve had the Barbershop on my guitar board for a while, it’s fantastic. There’s something very natural and musical about all the Fairfield pedals, actually. Great stuff.


Have you tried the Shallow Water? It’s one of my all time favorite pedals and will definitely get you pretty close to what you want I think.

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Not yet! But, my bass playing friend just ordered one and we’ll inevitably do a swap/test/jam when we get the chance (where we live is in lockdown at the moment though, so this will be off the cards for a while yet).

I was demoing ideas and managed to get there with a pretty drastic Pultec HLF-3C and Space Echo combo, it wouldn’t surprise me if the SW could do similar.