Looking fates full kit

Hi all , I’m looking for a complete kit of fates clone to give it to a friend. if someone can tell me where can i find this. i’m sorry in advance i’m all new here. amicably

You can get a full monome Norns Shield kit from the monome website. Fates production has been discontinued and the stock is gone.

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i’m think it might be good to leave this thread up, just in case it helps direct others. i’ve seen the question pop up a lot more lately and it’d be good to have a landing spot in the search :slight_smile:

for those looking for the open-source/DIY version of norns, there are two options:

  • shield kit, which has all components necessary except raspberry pi 3b or 3b+, power supply, and SD card. $200
  • shield, which is just the PCB. $75

generally, @MAHMS, this type of inquiry is trade focused, which has its own section on lines. it is hidden, by design, until you engage a bit in the community. so, welcome! :revolving_hearts: